Sensible Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Do

Sensible Weight Loss Tips Anyone Can Do - Dr. David Samadi

Everyone needs a little push (okay maybe shove) in the right direction when it comes to losing weight.   We all know in order to lose weight we have to make healthier food choices while reducing calories and increasing physical activity.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But there’s a third componentthat is just as crucial as the first two making a world of difference in meeting your weight loss goals keeping you from slipping and gaining any weight lost back.

Behavior modification is that third component –think of it as little tricks of the trade when it comes to weight loss.  Put them into practice, and you’ve armed yourself with essential weight loss tools getting you focused and started on your journey in reaching a healthy body weight for you.

1.      Eliminate inappropriate eating cues

·         Don’t buy tempting, problem foods

·         Designate only one room you eat in

·         Shop when not hungry

·         Replace large plates, cups, and utensils with smaller ones

·         Avoid vending machines, fast-food restaurants, and convenience stores

·         Turn off the television, video games, and computer or measure out appropriate food portions to eat during entertainment

 2.      Suppress the cues you cannot eliminate

·         Serve individual plates; don’t serve “family style”

·         Measure your portions; avoid large servings or packages of food

·         Remove food from the table after eating a meal - excess food sitting around will only trigger overeating

·         Create obstacles to consuming problem foods – wrap them and freeze them, making them less quickly accessible

·         Control deprivation; plan and eat regular meals

·         Plan to spend only one hour per day in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or using a computer

 3.      Strengthen cues to appropriate eating and exercise

·         Choose to eat with those who make appropriate food choices

·         Store appropriate foods in convenient spots in the refrigerator

·         Learn appropriate portion sizes

·         Plan appropriate snacks

·         Keep sports equipment by the door ready to be used at any time

 4.      Repeat the desired eating and exercise behaviors

·         Slow down eating- put down utensils between bites

·         Always use utensils to eat

·         Leave some food on your plate

·         Move more – find ways to incorporate more physical activity in your life

·         Join groups of active people and participate – maybe a hiking club, yoga class or water aerobics

 5.      Arrange or emphasize positive consequences for when you eat healthfully and exercise

·         Buy tickets to sports events, movies, concerts, other nonfood entertainment

·         Indulge in a small purchase

·         Get a massage, buy some flowers

·         Take a hot bath; read a good book

·         Treat yourself to a lesson in a new active pursuit such as horseback riding, handball, or tennis

·         Praise yourself; visit friends

·         Take a nap; relax