Sugary Drinks: How Much is Enough?

It has become common knowledge that too much sugar is correlated to Type II Diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay. The bigger problem behind sugar is why it starts. And why it starts is because we become addicted to it. When it comes to the example we set for our kids, sugar intake is probably the most critical food habit we can pass down to them.


Two-thirds of children have at least 1 sports drink, soda or fruit juice on a given day as noted in a recent study from the Centers for the Disease Control & Prevention. It has been reported by the journal Pediatrics that a quarter of U.S. children between the ages of 12-19 have either Type II Diabetes or pre-diabetes.

This disease can directly lead to heart attack, stroke and eventual blindness.

The American Diabetes Association recommends tips for those with childhood diabetes to manage the disease:

  1. Choosing healthy foods

  2. Exercising daily

  3. Taking medications and checking blood glucose as doctors advise

  4. Only allow them one sugary drink per week as a treat

  5. Other options that can replace this craving is fruit-infused water - even try lemon or ginger!