Water’s health benefits besides hydration 


Water’s health benefits besides hydration 

Water is one of the most overlooked and yet undoubtedly, the most important nutrient of all.  Our bodies are incapable of storing water or making it on its own. Each day it must be replaced as we constantly lose water through our urine, feces, sweat, skin and lungs.  Most of us could go for weeks without eating food but would last only a few days without water.

It’s incredible how much of the human body is composed of water.  Here are some basic facts of just how “watery” we really are:

·      Newborn babies have the most water, with 78% of their weight composed of it.

·      Water makes up approximately 60% of an adult man’s weight and 55% of an adult woman’s weight.

·      People with more muscle mass have proportionately more water as muscle tissue is nearly three-fourths water by weight, whereas fat tissue is only about 10 percent water.

·      The human brain is 75% water.

Water is also a main component of our blood which keeps our brain, heart, kidneys, and other organs functioning.  How much do we need?  Generally, men should aim for roughly 16 eight-ounce cups a day and women 11, though you may need a little more or less depending on your size, your activity level, and the weather.  Remember, water found in foods and all beverages counts toward the total.

Although necessary no matter what season we are in, as temperatures rise, we naturally become more conscious of our water intake. Which is why it is a good idea to learn what makes water so vital and why it is a nutrient we can’t live without. 

The healing powers of water 

·      Water can stop a headache

Dehydration can trigger headaches and being more conscious of drinking water can sometimes help cure one. 

·      Water can boost your mood

Experts aren’t exactly sure why, but research suggests that people who are well hydrated tend to be in better moods. Revelations from the study found that as water consumption went up, so did individuals moods while tension, depression, and confusion went down. 

·      Water can keep you cool 

Staying hydrated helps your sweat more, which is essential for cooling down your body on hot days or after exercise, and can help you avoid heat stroke too.

·      Water can fight a fever 

When you’re sick with a condition such as the flu, drinking plenty of water can limit the rise of your body temperature, when taken in conjunction with fever-reducing medication. 

·      Water can up your game

Hydrated runners tend to be faster than dehydrated ones, and feel better afterward too.  This is possibly due the fact they are eliminating lactic acid more quickly.

·      Water can curb your appetite 

Drinking water before a meal can make you feel full without any calories to prevent overeating. 

·      Water can help eliminate waste 

Every single day, your body builds up waste that needs to be eliminated from the body/  By drinking ample amounts of water, this helps ensure that your digestive tract has enough fluid to effectively eliminate this waste. 

·      Water pampers your heart

Good hydration increases the volume of blood in your arteries, which means fewer heartbeats to transport blood around your body, making it less taxing on the heart muscle itself.