7 problems making sex painful for men


7 problems making sex painful for men

Sex is supposed to be fun, soothing, enjoyable, and pain free.  But the reality is sometimes pain is a major disruptor.  When it comes to pain felt during sexual intercourse, it is usually women who feel it the most.  But men can also experience pain during sex as well.  When men feel pain during what is supposed to be a pleasurable encounter, it can affect them in their sexual performance, developing a fear of penetration leading to impotence with a resulting strain on any relationships.

There can be several reasons why instead of feeling the love, men may instead feel the unanticipated torment of a sexual rendezvous. 

Some men may hesitate to bring up the issue of pain during intercourse with his doctor, but pain during sex is not normal and needs to be investigated.  By contacting his doctor, together they can figure out the cause and how to treat it.

Here are some possible reasons why a man may experience pain during sexual intercourse:

1.  Sexually transmitted infections

Exposure to a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and that is left untreated, can put a man in pain’s path when having sex.  Gonorrhea and herpes are two examples of STIs that can result in pain during intercourse.  The only way a man will know for certain if he has an STI is to be tested at a clinic or doctor’s office.  This is no time to be concerned about STIs stigma as if they are left untreated, can lead to potentially worse symptoms that could have long-lasting effects.

2.  Peyronie’s disease

A condition usually affecting men who are 50 and older can be an abnormal curvature of the penis known as peyronie’s disease.  Although the exact cause is unknown, scar tissue forms in the erectile tissue (which some experts believe the scarring may have been caused by injury to the penis such as being hit or bent) preventing straightening of the penis making curvature most noticeable during an erection. The curvature may be so severe that it prevents penetration during intercourse. 

Peyronie’s disease can be treated surgically or medically.  Surgical intervention attempts to remove the plaque that has formed in the penis or remove the penile tissue opposite the plaque to straighten the bend of the penis.  There is also an injectable drug known as Xiaflex that is an FDA approved prescription medication for treating this condition.

3.  Penis deformities

Any man with scar tissue from some sort of trauma or infection to the penis may lead to painful intercourse.  Hypospadias, a male birth defect in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis, can be another source of pain men can feel during sex.  Benign or cancerous growths as well as urinary tract stones are other possible factors as well.  Men with any of these conditions should consult with a urologist for help or treatment.

4.  Issues with the foreskin of the penis

One reason for pain upon intercourse for men can be a condition called phimosis. Phimosis is the inability to retract the skin covering the head of the penis resulting in an overly tight foreskin.  Other issues with the foreskin can be if there is any kind of damage to it such as tearing, friction or inflammation which will all lead to pain. 

5.  Priapism

Priapism is when a man has a prolonged erection lasting longer than 4 hours that usually occurs without sexual arousal.  It can be a very painful experience for a man and if it is not treated, it may further cause issues with getting and maintaining an erection.  Any man with priapism needs to seek medical help immediately to prevent permanent damage to the penis.

6.  Allergies

If a man has any sensitivities to soaps, creams, or cologne when applied to his genitals, he could experience inflammation or itching making sex uncomfortable.  In this case, the solution is to not use any kind of product causing these symptoms before having sex.

7.  Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are more common in women but men can get them too.  The pain or burning sensation when urinating can also lead to the penis emitting a foul odor with pain experienced during ejaculation.  Men can also develop yeast infections possibly leading to itching ruining a sexual romp.