Best lifestyle behaviors of sexually healthy men


Best lifestyle behaviors of sexually healthy men

To be sexually active is one thing but to sexually active and healthy is another.  For men, this is critical.  Most men really like sex.  Actually, most men love sex and would probably engage in this pleasurable experience just about every day of the week if they could.  However sometimes if a man isn’t maybe taking the best care of himself, he may find that sex in his twenties is different than sex twenty years later.  Problems may arise such as erectile dysfunction or an enlarged prostate or depression. 

This is why men can do certain steps taking care of their sexual health preventing possible problems before they occur.  By doing these 8 steps, he will discover that prevention of sexual problems is possible and it could even be plausible – with the right partner – to be back in the saddle as frequently as he wants.

1.  Regular exercise

You want to get it on?  Then hit the gym.  Inactivity will only lead to sexual problems.  Avoiding exercise results in reduced muscle mass, increased weight gain, a slowed metabolism, and lack of energy.  Exercise boosts endorphins released increasing confidence, energy and libido.  Everything a man needs for better and more frequent sex.

2.  Choose healthy foods

There is no truer statement than “you are what you eat.”  Take a look at your dinner plate.  Does it more resemble what you might buy at a football stadium (burgers, chips) or does it look like what a registered dietitian would approve of?  What’s on your plate can affect your performance in bed.  You want to eat foods filled with nutrients, low in fat, loaded with antioxidants to keep your “sexual” system in good working order.  Plan your plate to be balanced with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, whole grains, and low-fat milk.

3.  Practice Kegel exercises

We should thank and erect a statue of whoever figured out Kegel exercises and how they can enhance sexual fulfillment.  Regular practice of Kegels can strengthen the muscles that connect the base of the penis with the tail bone.  These are the muscles that control the flow of urine through the urethra.  A very nice added bonus of Kegels is you learn how to delay ejaculation which can heighten orgasms.  Kegels are simple to do – to locate the muscle, try stopping the flow of urine.  These are the same muscles you need to tighten.  Squeeze the muscles, hold for a few seconds, and then relax.

4.  Have an annual checkup

 Men, you must see your doctor yearly for a physical.  This is called basic health maintenance 101.  Quit avoiding this necessary trip to the doctor.  If you delay or rarely see the inside of a medical clinic, you will never know how your health really is.  Your doctor can tell you all kinds of important things to know such as how your blood pressure is, your weight, your heart and if you are sleeping with more than one partner or someone new, they can test you for sexually transmitted diseases

5.  Cut back on alcohol

Here’s a quick way to douse your sex life – start drinking heavily.  The more you drink, the more at risk you are for erectile dysfunction.  You may use alcohol to relax yourself or to feel sexier by lowering inhibition, but it also reduces libido and can make it harder to orgasm. 

6.  Stop smoking

One of the most significant causes of sexual dysfunction in men is smoking.  The majority of men who smoke suffer from erectile dysfunction.  In order to achieve an erection, a man must have good blood flow.  But years of taking a drag on a cigarette will only lead to damaged small arteries with less blood flow resulting in a penis that doesn’t want to play.   For any man wanting to start a family, put out the cigarette as smoking can also reduce sperm count and quality.

7.  Learn stress management

Stress can be a huge sex killer.  When under stress men can feel worried, uptight, nervous, or exhausted.  Stressful feelings will only lead to a man feeling out of control which will affect his sex life.  This is why learning stress management techniques can be a lifesaver for keeping your sex life alive and well.  When a man relaxes, this brings back relaxation and intimacy back into the bedroom.

8.  Never do illegal drugs  

Illegal drug use is never a good idea. Some men may believe it will enhance their sex life but this is far from the truth.  Most will have the opposite effect leading to erectile dysfunction, lack of desire and fatigue.  Even some prescription medications can cause sexual issues such as negatively affecting sexual arousal and sexual performance.  If using any of the medications on the list and you find it is affecting your sex life, discuss with your doctor about switching to a different drug.