Does A Short Man Run the Risk of Becoming Bald Faster?


For men that suffer with premature hair loss there have been a significant amount of studies into this and much has been discovered. While the cure or prevention of it may not be on the horizon as yet, there have been some important findings concerning this type of hair loss and other related issues.  To date it has been ascertained that those with this type of hair loss may be more prone to heart disease and cancer of the prostrate.

It's All In the Genes

Many of the men afflicted with this type of hair loss are often not surprised by it. Quite often they will say its normal in their family as their father or grandfather lost their hair early in their lives. Which really helps to support the genetic involvement for this condition.

A new study has now increased the suspicions that there are even more underlying conditions that could be attributed to the premature hair loss. This study involved genetic materials collected from about 11,000 men who were all confirmed with premature hair loss, and then 12,000 men were included in the study who did not have this problem to be used as the comparison metric. All those who were involved in the study were comprised from seven separate countries. The study was able to determine 63 genome alterations that lends to the increase loss of hair prematurely.

The Findings...

·       The findings of the study which was conducted bythe University of Bonn turned up was most beneficial in producing several discoveries, one of which seems to indicate that short men may be more prone to premature balding.

·       Some of the genome alterations were connected to other illnesses that had been previously identified. This included those who may be smaller in body stature, experienced early puberty. Plus, some types of cancers.

·       The link between cancer of the prostrate and early hair loss was already heavily indicated but the study was able to further confirm this.

·       The study also determined that genes were present in conjunction with those genes that may increase the risk of premature balding.

·       It was found that there may be links to the color of the skin for those with light tones as well there was an increase in bone density.

·       More knowledge was gained through the study in regards to some of the biological causes and what genes can play a role in this.

It would be remiss to assume that just because a man is short in stature that he will automatically become a victim of premature hair loss. What a study such as this offers to the medical community is what the potentials are for men being at high risk which includes a whole gambit of potential illnesses and characteristics.

While being short cannot be corrected, in order to stop the possibility of premature hair loss what these studies do is identify potential genes that may be the cause, which may lead to future cures and treatments.

Premature hair loss is something that can be of a big concern for many men, and they welcome any advancements that are being made that may help with this condition.