Male Personalities and the Online Dating Scene


Male Personalities and the Online Dating Scene

Dating sites have certainly become the hottest trend and it is something that has become appealing to both genders. Part of men's health involves their relationships. It is interesting to look at the real reasons as to why this form of dating appeals to the guys, and what their personalities consist of.

The Lookers

This is those group of guys that have had their interest peaked in regards to dating online, but are just not ready to make a full commitment to it as yet. These guys want to take a look at what these dating sites are all about but they are not going to become actively involved. At least not yet. Some in this group may be ready to strike up some conversations, but are unlikely to stick with just one gal. They are the type that like to play the online field a bit but only remaining on the fringe of the dating scene.

The Persuaded

This collection of men who are ready to venture into the online dating scene are typically the twenty to mid thirty year olds who are tired of the traditional dating scene. These guys are open minded and are ready to discover what online dating is all about. This experience doesn't appear to be strange because it is something that their generation is into. The men in this group are committed to standing behind their word if they are making a commitment to a girl on the dating site. Perhaps the biggest weakness would be the distraction of having too many choices when it comes to ladies of interest.

The Like to Try Guys

These are guys that tend to lean towards the older women although they themselves fall into the twenties to mid thirties age group. Their concept is that the older women are more experienced and grounded. The online dating platform provides more of a comfort zone for these gentlemen as they are more open to being sexually provocative through the written word compared to actions.

On The Rebound

This might be classed as the group of jilted lovers. This group is comprised of the guys who have not as yet recovered from an ended relationship. Many times it is just the concept of being alone that entices them to reach out for companionship, and there is no safer way to be able to do this than through a online dating platform. There is no pressure to being in a relationship if the desire is not there. It allows the x-lover to build their confidence again and helps them get over the rough spots in life they are currently dealing with.

Greener Pastures

These are those fellows that are already in a solid relationship but still have a few doubts as to whether they are with Miss. Right. Checking out the online dating platform can either confirm that they are content in their current relationship or send up red flags that one just might not be ready for the commitment they have already entered into.

Reality or Fantasy

Some gents just don't have a real handle on a meaningful relationship and therefore may not be ready for one. Their profile for the dating site is usually built on all the must haves that interested women must possess. Some to the point where that perfection in a woman just does not exist. Perhaps setting the standards this high is some sort of protection mechanism. Knowing that Miss. Perfect does not exist means not having to follow through with any commitments that may be required.

These are just a few of the many different types of male personalities that may be found on the average dating sites.