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02/01/18:  4 Ways an enlarge prostate can affect sex | READ MORE

01/11/17:  Physically active men may improve their prostate cancer prognosis | READ MORE

01/03/17: OCD anxiety in men linked to heart rate as teens | READ MORE

12/05/16: Vasectomies may not pose a risk of prostate cancer | READ MORE

12/05/16: Latest Really feel the burn: Jumpstart your sex life by exercising | READ MORE

11/18/16: How the stages of prostate cancer are determined | READ MORE

11/16/16: Stretching it out: How men can make sex last longer | READ MORE

11/12/16: CDC sending out an SOS over soaring rates of STDs | READ MORE

10/25/16: How to regain urinary continence after prostate surgery| READ MORE

10/20/16: Active surveillance is a viable way to monitor prostate cancer | READ MORE

10/11/16: Scientists can ID who’ll get aggressive prostate cancer | READ MORE

10/04/16: Eight common misconceptions about prostate cancer | READ MORE

09/22/16: Prostate cancer means deciding between surgery or radiation | READ MORE

09/16/16: Pain reliever acetaminophen may delay pregnancy  | READ MORE

09/09/16: Turn away! Why pornography can harm your sex life  | READ MORE

09/02/16: Stick to it! Penile injections work for erectile dysfunction  | READ MORE

08/30/16: To reduce risk of diabetic retinopathy, boost physical activity  | READ MORE

08/23/16: Lost that lovin’ feelin’? Kick your sex drive into gear again  | READ MORE

08/16/16: Study gives hope that immune therapy works for prostate cancer | READ MORE

08/11/16: Eating fatty fish is good for your health | READ MORE

08/06/16: Got vitamin D? | READ MORE

08/01/16: Add omega-3s to your diet to decrease risk of fatal heart attack| READ MORE

07/23/16: How to identify a retractile testicle in kids | READ MORE

07/17/16: Why ingesting too much salt can be harmful to your organs| READ MORE

07/11/16: The secret to living a healthier, more meaningful and longer life | READ MORE

07/07/16: Sexual activity during cancer treatment | READ MORE

06/30/16: What you need to know before using saw palmetto as a treatment | READ MORE

06/25/16: Snip decisions: Pros and cons of vasectomies and tubal ligations | READ MORE

06/21/16: The Manly Man’s guide to life's essential vitamins | READ MORE

06/17/16: Breast cancer recurrence less with Mediterranean diet. | READ MORE

06/13/16: Honeymoon cystitis: When burning love causes burning pain | READ MORE

06/06/16: 5 foods that can help prevent prostate cancer | READ MORE

06/03/16: Get more exercise to lower risk of cancer, new study finds | READ MORE

05/30/16: Rise n’ shine! Why a morning erection is a sign of good health | READ MORE

05/23/16: Don't panic and keep calm! How to identify and control panic attacks | READ MORE

05/21/16: How to tell if you’re at risk for drug and alcohol addiction | READ MORE

05/15/16: How to make sex even better after menopause | READ MORE

04/28/16: Electronic prescriptions are creating a new heroin crisis, doc says| READ MORE

04/04/16: The challenges of determining the proper cancer treatment | READ MORE

03/21/16: Is there a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer? | READ MORE

03/07/16: Increase in people getting kidney stones is no passing fancy| READ MORE

02/16/16: ‘Hitman’ showing plenty of Hart in his fight against prostate cancer | READ MORE

01/29/16: Use the Internet to search for medical advice at your own risk   | READ MORE

01/14/16: Diabetes snuck up on Rob Kardashian| READ MORE

01/04/16: As temperatures drop, cold-weather related health problems rise | 

12/29/15: HGH is commonly used in sports, but it’s intended for medical purposes | READ MORE

12/17/15: How to know whether you have a cold or the flu| READ MORE

12/04/15: Here’s the skinny on obesity in the U.S.  | READ MORE

11/17/15: Growing a moustache for "Movember" campaigne can save a man life's | READ MORE

11/14/15: Kelly Osbourne says thyroid problem caused rapid weight loss | READ MORE

10/20/2015: I support Hayden Panetierre’s call to raise awareness, support and outreach to women suffering from postpartum depression  | READ MORE

10/14/2015: Why ‘Herbal Viagra’ really is a contradiction in terms, and you don’t know at all what you’re actually getting | READ MORE

10/13/2015: An ‘exercise pill’ would be a perversion of science —  and a prescription for the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles | READ MORE

10/6/2015: Take another cue from Angelina Jolie: Make cancer prevention your top priority | READ MORE

9/29/2015: National Coffee Day / Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee | READ MORE

9/2/2015: It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so man up and make sure you get screened with a PSA test | READ MORE

8/21/2015: President Carter is battling melanoma, which is often more severe than other cancers due to its ability to spread beyond the initial tumor site | READ MORE

8/18/2015: I’m troubled by FDA approval of highly addictive narcotic OxyContin for use by children as young as 11 years old | READ MORE

8/11/2015: Something in the milk ain’t clean: Mothers could be sacrificing safety when using shared or donated breast milk | READ MORE

8/6/2015: Erectile dysfunction could be an indicator of heart disease and other health problems; here are the best ways to get a boost | READ MORE

8/4/2015: If the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease isn’t controlled at the source, this outbreak could spread  | READ MORE

7/31/2015: Take it from a urologist and surgeon who has used a robotic technique to remove thousands of prostates: in the right hands, robotic surgery is safe and effective  | READ MORE

7/28/2015: Lung cancer vaccine CimaVax could be first of many medical advances made possible by U.S.-Cuba thaw  | READ MORE

7/17/15: E- Cigarettes may be causing new health risks, and increased vaping among among teens troubles me | READ MORE

7/14/2015: FDA beefs up warnings for pain relievers such as Advil, Motrin Aleve: These NSAIDs ‘cause increased risk’ of heart failure, even in healthy adults  | READ MORE

7/9/2015: Tweet revealing Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul’s hand injury may have violated HIPAA law | READ MORE

7/1/2015: I predict that flawed PSA testing guidelines are going to make high-risk prostate cancer more prevalent among younger men | READ MORE

6/24/2015: Toxic shock syndrome is most common with use of super-absorbent tampons; here are the best ways to prevent it  | READ MORE

6/17/2015: Seven Father’s Day gift ideas to keep the man in your life healthy and happy  | READ MORE

6/15/2015: On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, let’s review the 5 signs for spotting potential mistreatment of seniors   | READ MORE

6/11/2015: ‘Women’s Viagra’ could usher in a revolution if FDA approves little pink flibanserin pills later this year | READ MORE

6/2/2015: Butt injections done by fraudulent doctors using liquid silicone are far too common — and potentially very dangerous | READ MORE

6/1/2015: Beau Biden fought bravely before losing battle with brain cancer; here are the lessons you should learn | READ MORE

5/22/2015: Watch it: David Letterman used Dr. Samadi’s appearance on ‘Today’ show to deliver healthy dose of laughter | READ MORE 

5/20/2015: Kicking Cannes: High heels really do lead to foot, back problems if worn too often  | READ MORE

5/14/2015: Dietary supplements are modern-day snake oil; here are 5 I wouldn’t take if you paid me | READ MORE

5/12/2015: Allergy season lasts longer than ever, thanks to a ‘pollen tsunami’; Here’s how to survive.  | READ MORE

5/7/2015: E-cigarettes may be causing new health risks, and increased vaping among teens troubles me | READ MORE

5/6/2015: Prostate cancer is not just an older man's disease and PSA exams are essential for early detection, even if you're in your 40s | READ MORE

5/1/2015: I avoid GMOs, and I’d advise you to do all you can to adopt a diet free of genetically engineered food | READ MORE

4/30/2015: Could Freddie Gray have severed his own spine in a Baltimore police van? It's highly unlikely | READ MORE

4/29/2015: Diet Pepsi is ditching aspartame, but the sweetest  thing you could do is stop drinking soda altogether | READ MORE

4/25/2015: Briefs or boxers? Let’s take a moment to undress the facts about male fertility | READ MORE

4/16/2015: Men can learn from Rita Wilson’s vigilance: Prostate and breast cancer are more similar than you think | READ MORE

4/13/2015: Expert recommends uterus ‘clean’ to increase chances of getting pregnant  | READ MORE

4/12/2015: When it comes to vitamins and nutritional supplements, more ain't merrier | READ MORE