Dr. David Samadi: Raising awareness for men’s health during ‘Movember’

Being a man means a lot of things.  Being a provider, being a person who can balance work with family, being confident,...

Why pushups are important to your workout

One of the best overall exercises men should be doing is pushups. This classic move targets every major upper body muscle group...

Men’s stomach-soothing solutions for heartburn

Uh-oh – here it comes again.  You ate a big meal and now you’re paying for it.  The burping, sour taste in...

Everything men should know about sexuality and diabetes

As humans, we are sexual beings. We need and require loving close contact and intimacy with our partner in order to foster...

Ditch your dad bod in 5 easy steps

Men with dad bods, beware. Your sex appeal appears to be dwindling.  Maybe some women still profess to prefer a man with...

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how women are more proactive and practice prevention and their role in the men’s health problem.

How women are more proactive and practice prevention and their role in the men’s health problem.

Nutrition in your health, about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction and how to improve the quality of life.

Nutrition in your health, about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction and how to improve the quality of life.

Health Mobile Apps for Dad

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Man’s best immunity booster?

Men's Health Videos ...

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Covid-19’s impact on American men’s mental health

Covid-19 has not been kind to men. Not only have more men had more severe cases of the infection but more men...

Removing men’s stigma of prostate cancer

A diagnosis of any type of cancer is unsettling and scary to say the least. But even more concerning is how some...

Men beware: Health warning signs not to ignore

Sometimes, pulling teeth feels easier than getting men into a doctor’s office. Blame it on male ego, feeling invincible, indestructible or just...

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Best Vitamins for Prostate Health

Dr. David Samadi states why he consumes a multivitamin daily & the importance of a multivitamin for general health & prostate health. Especially, older men should consider preventing inflammation, prostate health & heart health by consuming lycopene & zinc, flax seeds & fish oil which helps men lower their triglycerides.

Frequent Ejaculation May Protect Against Prostate Cancer

It appears that men who ejaculate a lot over the course of a month are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Do Herbs Help Or Harm An Enlarged Prostate?

African plum This herb uses an extract that has been used in traditional medicine to treat urinary problems for centuries.

4 Foods To Avoid For Prostate Health

Here are foods all men should think twice about before eating and how they can negatively affect his prostate:

Processed Carbohydrates Linked To An Increased Risk Of Breast And Prostate Cancer

The study also implicated "processed lunch foods," including pizza, deli meats and burgers. Men who ate those foods four or more times per week were twice as likely to develop prostate cancer, compared to men who had them no more than once a week, the researchers found.

A Vegan Diet May Reduce Your Risk For Prostate Cancer

The study examined the association between dietary patterns and the prostate cancer incidence among 26,000 male participants.

The Importance Of A Prostate Exam

Only 1 in 38 men will die from prostate cancer. While the prostate exam isn’t exactly a “fun” procedure, it is an important part of keeping your health in check.


Best Fruits For A Healthy Prostate

However, you can also make smart choices with what you do eat to help maintain a healthy prostate. Try to incorporate these fruits into your weekly diet to improve the overall health of your prostate.