A Pollen Tsunami: How to fight those allergies

Suffering from seasonal allergies is no picnic. The itching, the sneezing, the puffy, watery eyes, and the sluggishness that comes with allergies is something none of us look forward too. This spring in particular is being dubbed a "pollen tsunami" and is predicted to have people suffering even more than usual all across the country. So how did this happen? Why is this year worse than most?


Spring Allergies

Most of us were begging for spring to show its colors, after such a long and hard winter.  But the long winter, the excess snow and rain, made pollen more potent than usual, while the extreme cold delayed tree pollination so that it is happening at the same time as grass and flower pollinations. Sorry New York, the glorious weather comes with a price, for your noses and eyes that is. The "pollen tsunami" that is slamming allergy sufferers is simply early, and regular allergy seasons falling at the same time. All due to the delayed onset of spring.

Although city dwellers might think they are in the clear with less trees and pollen producing plants around, but air pollution makes people even more susceptible to allergies. Do not think you are in the clear because as the season progresses these allergies could and probably will get worse. Experts from NYU have, pollen counts will rise 20% by 2020, and even more over the next 25 years.

If you suffer from allergies its best to check pollen counts before going outside, and try to keep protected with hats and sunglasses while outside. Here are some quick tips to keep your allergies at bay:



  1. Take your allergy medication, whether prescribed or over the counter
  2.  If you are spending time outdoors, keep clothes that can carry pollen on them out of your bedroom
  3. Wash your face after going outdoors to wipe off any pollen than might get into your eyes and nose
  4.  In outdoor spaces, don't sweep pollen - hose it down with water
  5. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from allergens
  6. Exercise indoors
  7. Shower at night to clean allergens off your skin and hair