Bad Mood? 5 Tips to Beat It

We all get in bad moods. The key is knowing how to beat it. A long-term bad mood can have significant repercussions especially on our energy levels. Although it's not always easy to snap out of it. Here's how to beat it and minimize the impact of the inevitable bad mood. 


1. Find a meditative state

Focus on taking deep breaths and notice how your body is feeling. Learn how to 'be' for a moment and learning how to stop fixing the problem. Feel the tension, lightness, warmth and cold of different body parts. Understand how your emotions are expressing themselves. Just a minute can help you get over the hump of that bad mood.

2. Eat, sleep, exercise:

Understanding and naming your emotional place is still a smart place to start. But back to the basics, are you eating? Are you exercising? How are you feeding your energy. Exercise can be a great way to burn that bad mood right down to nothing. Exercise by nature releases endorphins (happy hormones) as well as a mental boost.

3. Reach out

Find those that care about you and ask to sit down and talk it out. Sometimes these bad moods can seem beyond what you feel you can handle yourself. A lot of us would benefit from an outside perspective. It's important to have no shame in asking for help. Your support system is crucial during bad times and even a small bad mood. 

4. Organize your day

Many people get stressed or overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they need to have completed in a day.  Being able to manage your time efficiently can minimize the effect that this stress has on you. Scheduling your work day, and dedicating specific time to each task can help you get more done throughout the day without feeling as though you wasted too much time on any one thing.

If you have a lot of tasks to be completed after work – try to schedule these for specific time slots as well, and try to keep on target.  With this in mind, be realistic with the amount you can get done in a day. Do not overwhelm yourself, because you are setting yourself up for failure. Know when to say “no” to new projects or responsibilities; by the same token, know when to delegate responsibilities to others.

5. Go have some fun: Adults need play time too. Try a round of basketball, board game, a picnic in your local park. Whatever works for you, this type of boost is often all you need. We become more efficient and effective and at the things we do and we typically are happier.