Feeling stressed or anxious? Here Are 7 Ways to Calm Down

You’ve heard the adage before: “manage your stress or your stress will manage you.”  As it turns out, this is no wives tale; there is more truth behind this saying than you might realize.  Perhaps the most shocking fact about stress is that it affects your body systemically, not just in one area.  This stress can originate from anywhere and, at a basic level, is your body’s reaction to situations that can be perceived as potentially dangerous.  As the New Year approaches, taking control of the stressors in our lives becomes ever more important to keep to our resolutions dedicated to being healthier and happier.


7 Ways to Calm Down

1. Take time to unwind: 

It's healthy to relax, renew and rejuvenate. Stress happens. Sometimes it's unavoidable, at times it's unbearable. Taking time for yourself is very important. 

  • Recognize when you don't have control, and let it go.
  • Don't get anxious about situations that you cannot change.
  • Take control of your own reactions, and focus on what makes you feel calm and in control. 
  • Develop a vision for healthy living, wellness, and personal- professional growth and set realistic goals to help you realize your vision.
  • Take a walk
  • Read a book
  • Go for a run
  • Have a cup of tea
  • Play a sport
  • Spend time with a friend or loved one
  • Meditate

2. Mindful Sighing: Sounds weird? I can actually truly help relieve tension. Breathe in to a count of five through your mouth and exhale a very loud sigh. These small sighs have helps people adjust energy levels and focus better.

3. Wall Push: Especially valuable in those with sensory integration issues, this exercise is simple. Push against a wall with flat palms and feet planted on the floor for 5-10 seconds. Placing the weight of the body against a solid surface helps stabilize both emotionally and physically. 

4. Superman Pose: Think airplane position in yoga. The difference? Your arms and hands are stretched out in front of you not to the sides. Lie on your belly on the flood and extend your arms in front of you and hole them straight out. Hold for 10 seconds. It's a great exercise for the feeling of grogginess, being overexcited, distracted or antsy.

5. Hand Massage: You can do this anytime. Simply use your thumb and press around the palm of the other hand. 

6. Palm Push: Push your palms together for 5-10 seconds. This gives your body the sense of knowing where it is in space. 

7. Close Your Eyes: 80% of sensory stimulation comes through the eyes. Shutting them every once in awhile gives your brain a much-needed brain- also one of the reasons sleep is so important. Lie in bed and close your eyes for 5 minutes.