Health Benefits of Fish Oils

Ahh, fish oils, the never ending debate on how much and how to consume them. Here's the skinny: fish oils come from fatty fish. Yes, specifically the tissue of fatty fish such as trout, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines and salmons. Nutritionists often favor fish oils because of two main ingredients: DHA and EPA, which are two types of Omeda-3 fatty acids. The fillets alone of oily fish contain 30% oil. White fish only contains high concentrations of oil in the liver and have much less oil. Oily fish are also good sources of vitamins A and D. 


The health benefits of fish oils have been examined in study after study. Some of the findings are:

  • Fish oils may help with multiple sclerosis, however a  study carried out by researchers from University Hospital in Bergen, Norway in April 2012 found it didn't.
  • Fish oils may help reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer if they follow a low-fat diet. 
  • A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found omega fish oils raise prostate cancer risk. 
  • Post-partum depression may be helped with fish oils. 
  • Those with ADHD may benefit from fish oils for overall mental health.
  • Researchers reported that fish oils may help protect from vision loss.