Why Athletes Need Chiropractic Health

An athlete's body has to endure much more stress and injury than the average person. Even though our bodies were built for being active, high-intense workouts and the rigor or practices and games can lead to chronic aches and pains that can transform into more serious injuries. 

This is where chiropractic strategies for healing can help reduce this risk as well as overall pain. Chiropractors can work to correct spinal alignment and function as well as maximize the athlete's performance. If the he or she is coming off of an injury, working with a chiropractor can help improve recovery and even prevent future injuries. 


1. Fixing asymmetries:The biggest cause of injuries usually stems from asymmetry throughout the body. One side of the body may be difference from the other. This could either be a strength difference on the left or right side of the body but most commonly deals with mobility and flexibility issues. Chiropractic adjustments can be made to fix the body's current alignment. Soft tissue massage work helps reduce tension  which then reduces the risk of injury. 

2. Increases range of motion: Chiropractic adjustments improve movement but also allow the body to move freely as it was designed to do. If your spine is out of alignment, the muscles will spasm or cramp up. This causes a decrease in range of motion. They will work to free up areas of tension in the neck and back. Treatment can also improve your exercise form. 

3. Promotes faster healing: Misalignment throughout the body also slow down healing. If you've sustained an injury, your body attempts to protect itself with muscle spasms and inflammation. This increases the time it takes for the athlete to heal fully and get back on the field. Chiroproactic adjustments speed up the recovery process of your muscles.