20 ways to eat to defeat prostate cancer


20 ways to eat to defeat prostate cancer

Making the decision to choose healthy foods is best for all of us.  This fact is especially true for men in fighting prostate cancer.  Those wise dietary choices can be one of the most important lifestyle habits he can do to beat back the disease.  Having cancer means a man’s body is working overtime to fight the cancer while it’s doing extra duty to repair healthy cells that may have been damaged as a side effect of treatments, especially radiation.

 No matter what kind of cancer a person may have, choosing nutritious food is an important part of cancer treatment and recovery.   This is why diet makes a difference and is necessary in helping a man fight the cancer.  Men, who follow a healthy way of eating, do much better in their treatment regimen than men who may not be eating the healthiest of foods.

From the day a man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, one of the primary things their doctor should talk to them about is their food choices.  A nutritious dietary pattern can help a man’s body cope with treatment side effects much better, with a quicker recover and faster healing. Having healthy foods make up the bulk of their diet – at least 80% or higher – can greatly improve their chance of fighting off infections along with a better likelihood of feeling stronger, healthier and with more energy.

Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains are loaded with various antioxidants and phytochemicals while low-fat dairy, lean meat, fish, and poultry provide important minerals like calcium and iron along with protein.  It just makes sense making wise food choices while fighting a disease like prostate cancer.  It’s one of the top lifestyle modifications every man should do to achieve good health.

Here are 20 ideas on how to get all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet increasing the odds of beating back prostate cancer.

1.     Limit your calorie intake.  Excess calories are bad for cancer growth.   

2.     Heart healthy is prostate healthy.  Heart disease is the no. 1 killer, even in men with prostate cancer.  Eat heart healthy foods of avocados, salmon, flaxseed, oatmeal, berries, dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao content.

3.     Variety in the foods you eat is important.  Don’t eat the same foods all the time.

4.     Remember supplements are supplements.  They are not intended to replace a healthy diet.  Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements as they can interfere with cancer treatments effectiveness.

5.     A very healthy style of eating appearing to reduce the risk of prostate cancer is the Mediterranean diet.  This way of eating is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, red wine, olive oil, and fish and low in red meat.

6.     Reduce animal fat in your diet.  Studies show that excess fat, primarily red meat and high-fat dairy, stimulates prostate cancer to grow.

7.     Avoid foods high in trans fats known to promote cancer growth.  Trans fats are found in margarines, microwave popcorn, fried and some baked foods.

8.     Increase fish intake, which is high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.  Ideally eat cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna and trout at least two times each week.  This fish should be poached, baked or grilled.  Avoid fried fish.

9.     Significantly increase your intake of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables each day.  Powerful anticancer nutrients are being discovered regularly in colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, nuts, berries and seeds.

10.  Avoid high-calcium diets which have been shown to stimulate prostate cancer growth.  No more than 1-2 servings each day is recommended.

11.  Increase your natural vitamin C consumption – this includes berries, citrus, spinach, cantaloupe, sweet peppers, and mango.

12.  Drink green tea several times each week.

13.  Avoid excess preserved, pickled, or salted foods.

14.  Eat red grapes, drink 100% grape juice or red wine regularly.

15.  Eat leafy dark-green vegetables frequently.

16.  Cruciferous vegetables are cancer protective.  These include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, collard greens, Brussel sprouts, and rutabagas.

17.  Tomatoes and especially tomato products are very high in lycopene, a powerful anticancer substance.  This includes tomato sauce, tomato paste and ketchup.

18.  Use olive oil, which is very healthy and rich in vitamin E and antioxidants.  Avocados are also a good source too.

19.  Check with your physician about taking a vitamin D3 supplement of 2000 IU daily.  This can help strengthen the immune system to fight back cancer.

20.  Research has suggested that up to 4-5 cups of coffee a day may be associated with a reduced risk of overall prostate cancer and reduced incidences of fatal and high-grade prostate cancer.