Dealing with a High PSA When It is Not Cancer


Dealing with a High PSA When It is Not Cancer

Most men are aware that one of the ways their health care provider may check for prostate cancer is with a PSA blood test. If the results come back and the reading happens to be high it is not unusual for the man to panic and automatically assume the worse.

It is important that every man understand that having a high PSA does not mean that it is definitely cancer. There can be several different reasons as to why the PSA levels may be high.

The PSA test measures the protein that is in the blood. PSA means prostate-specific antigen. This is the antigen that is normally found in semen and the prostate gland. It is not unusual for some of this antigen to enter the blood stream in small amounts. If there is too much found in the blood then the reasons for this have to be determined.

Some of the common causes for a high PSA level are...


It is believed that the PSA count can go up because of age, but it is important that older men be routinely tested for prostate cancer using this particular test as one resource. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is common in older men. This is an enlarged prostate. It can be frightening because it can bring on the same symptoms as prostate cancer but when it not actually cancer.


This is inflammation of the prostate gland. It can be as a result of a bacterial infection and it has been known to raise the PSA.

Infection in the Urinary Tract

This too can raise the PSA and cause an abnormal reading.  To conclude that this is the cause of the raised PSA a urine test can be conducted.

Excessive Exercise:

Many men that are enthusiastic about their exercise regime don't realize that this can raise their PSA levels. If a man happens to have worked out or taken a run shortly before his PSA test, it could give a false positive.

Knowing that there can be several reasons why a PSA count could be high makes many men feel more comfortable about going for their regular checkups that include a PSA test. Fear of the unknown can be a dangerous attitude to adopt when it comes to anyone's health.

It is important that you discuss your concerns with your health care provider. If you are worried about a high PSA and you don't feel that you have the right answers then explain this to your Doctor who should be more than willing to discuss this with you in further detail.

If it turns out that your PSA is high as a result of prostate cancer then you should also realize that there have been very significant advancements in the treatment of this disease. The earlier it is detected the more success there is at treating it.