The Most Promising And Recent Break Throughs In Treating Prostate Cancer


Fortunately the research that goes into cancer is ongoing, but unfortunately there are so many different types of cancer that the dollars being allotted for research and studies gets spread very thin. In spite of this, there are often new break throughs regarding the treatment of cancer and this has been the case when it comes to treating prostate cancer.

Research is never restricted to just one component of what may be the cause of prostate cancer. Other factors are looked at such as what medications can be used to help treat it. Then there are studies that are conducted to determine if certain foods could have a positive or negative effect on it. Also, means of prevention are being studied. Break throughs in prostate cancer are important no matter which of these sectors they are attributed to.

Diagnosis Break Throughs

In many cases prostate cancer can be what is considered to be slow growing, which means they are not likely to cause death. Yet there are other types that are not in this category and they can be aggressive and spread to other parts of the body. Up until now the problem for specialists has been able to determine which of these tumors fall into which category, meaning slow growing or aggressive. A recent study is showing promise in where they may now be able to determine which tumors could be the aggressive type. This has to do with a genetic change within the cells of the prostate cancer.

The proper diagnosis is everything when it comes to prostate cancer. Break throughs in prostate cancer that allow for the best use of diagnostics is a huge step in combating this form of cancer. One of these on the horizon is by using MIR scans to detect aggressive prostate cancer instead of only having to rely on biopsies.

Foods and Prostate Cancer

More interest in food is being taken by some researchers who are hoping to find those which might be beneficial in helping to prevent prostate cancer, or help to slow down its growth in those who have this type of cancer.  While this may not be a recent break through it does show that there is more attention being paid to it and more prostate cancer patients are becoming more aware of it.

Earlier Detection

While having prostate cancer is a serious illness it is one that can often be treated successfully especially when detected early. This means relying on regular prostate health checkups and being able to have the right diagnostic tests completed. The main one for this currently is the blood test for PSA, however, it is less than perfect. Now there have been some newer types of testing that have been brought forward that may increase the chances of identifying higher risks of prostate cancer.

Each of these breakthroughs and steps in the right direction are important as they stand alone. However, when they are all combined then it brings encouragement to the male gender knowing that prostate cancer is being fought against on many different plains.