Samadi says

Enjoy life mantras, bits of wisdom, quick health tips directly from Dr. Samadi.


What’s the secret to staying young? Love what you do, surround yourself with positivity, stay away from envy, laugh, eat well and exercise.


In March, we’re talking about kidney health. Diabetes is a huge risk factor for kidney disease. Simple changes for a healthy diet can decrease your risk or even eliminate it.


As doctors, we’re doing ‘disease care,’ not ‘health care.’ We need to focus on health care and prevention. That is our mission - to educate our patients on these diseases before we ever meet them.




No guideline should deter you from managing your own health. Knowledge is power when it comes to cancer. Learn your risk factors. Your health is all you have.


Through lifestyle changes, you truly can change your genetic destiny. Eating anti-inflammatory foods is the first step to lower your cancer risk.


In order to make the best choices for your health, you need to arm yourself with information. In order to get this information, you have to be vigilant and understand the right questions to ask your doctor. Many times you know what’s right when it comes to your health. You have to learn how to act on that knowledge.


My birthday advice: have a balanced life, be good to other people. Love your family and friends and love what you do. Thank you to my patients. It makes me happy to fight for you. Thank you for everything. Stay well.

AUA Annual Conference 

When it comes to research around urology, we’re in constant learning mode. The American Urological Association conference brings urologists from all over the world and the latest research is presented. Prostate cancer is a moving target. New screening methods are coming.

Men's Health

June is Men’s Health Month. Women and men are totally different species and approach health in a completely different way. Women make an effort to ask the right questions related to their risk factors for disease. We need that kind of thinking to rub off on men.
Thank you to all my patients. I will continue to fight for you and for the cure of prostate cancer. You are all my family and I am grateful to know and help you. Stay well.


Are we in America experiencing Vita-Mania? Too many vitamins are not going to be a quick fix for bigger lifestyle habits like overeating and not exercising. Everyone’s vitamin regimen should be personalized.


Statistically, American men have a higher risk of death compared to American women at every age. Therefore, men should be more —not less— attentive to their health, since they’re at a greater risk for chronic illness and 1.3 times more likely to develop cancer than women.


Taking the word ‘disorder’ out of PTSD doesn’t change the fact that it can have major effects on someone’s life and their loved ones. We have to get to to heart of treating this disease with virtual reality and other methods, to ensure it doesn’t relapse.

Dangers of Vitamins

Multivitamins have become fashionable in the U.S. and my biggest problem is that too many people are taking vitamins and don’t really know why. This is dangerous.

Prostate Cancer Screening

New study shows reduced diagnosis of prostate cancer. This is not good news; it’s quite alarming. It means more men are not getting screened early and as a result high-risk prostate cancers may be going undetected. Every man should get a baseline PSA starting at the age of 40, regardless of the guidelines. Be your own advocate.
I want you to have a 360 degree view of healthcare. From your health to the healthcare industry and technology, the more you know the healthier you’ll be


Keep on fighting to get the care that you deserve. As a doctor who has seen thousands of people from every corner of the globe, I can tell you without question that patients are much smarter than they give themselves credit for.


Women are drive to be proactive, as we’ve seen in the cases of Rita Wilson and Angelina Jolie, who underwent preventive surgery for breast cancer. They truly are far better at doing what they need to do for early detection than men.

Ovarian Cancer and Prostate Cancer

Ovarian cancer is similar to Prostate cancer. They’re both deep within the body and can be a silent killer. There are often no symptoms. Both of these diseases need better screening methods, however the key message is for both men and women to be preventive early in life, especially when there’s a family history.

Brain Cancer

The trouble with brain cancer is there are so many different kinds and some of the symptoms can mimic other illnesses. Unlike other cancers, the brain has limited room, therefore if there’s any extension of the disease, the symptoms can become very severe, very quickly. Don’t ignore any symptoms, even as simple as a headache.

Your Health Matters

Saving lives is an honor and privilege. My patients are treated as family and I care about their quality of life after prostate cancer just as much as curing them. I’m not just about caring for your disease; I care about your health.