Helping men live longer healthier lives is my passion. Through the years I have realized that if you want to get something done, ask a woman to do it. It was with that frame of thought that I created Women for Prostate Health. Prostate cancer affects 1-in-7 men throughout their lifetime and is treatable if caught early. By educating women on the importance of having the men in their lives get tested, taking preventative measures such as with their diet and being open to discussing treatment options if necessary, I believe we can really make an impact on men’s health.        —Dr. David B. Samadi 

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What is the #SamadiChallenge?

Promote the importance of prostate health, by taking the #SamadiChallenge.

  • Get a man in your life to get their PSA (prostate specific antigen) and testosterone levels checked.
  • Record a message that challenges three women you know to do the same and post the video on the Women for Prostate Health Facebook page.

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