Dr. Samadi's Press Releases

01/24/2017 Enlargement Of The Prostate Is More Likely In Obese Men

01/19/2017 Study Suggests Improved Method For Pinpointing If Prostate Cancer Will Return

01/10/2017 Men With Advanced Bladder Cancer Have High Incidence Of Prostate Cancer

01/04/2017 Prostate Cancer Treatment With Nonsurgical Light Therapy

12/29/2016 Inherited Mutations Linked To Prostate Cancer Increase Mortality At An Earlier Age

12/20/2016 The More A Man Drinks, The Higher His Risk Of Prostate Cancer

12/13/2016 Regular Physical Activity May Lower The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

11/22/2016 Obesity & Aggressive Prostate Cancer In White Men

11/08/2016 Who Should Not Use Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

11/01/2016 FDA Updates Warning Label On Testosterone Supplements

10/25/2016 Unhealthy Body Weight & Metabolic Syndrome Can Lead to BPH

10/21/2016 Prostate Cancer Treatment and a Man’s Risk of Dementia

10/04/2016 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Treatment Should Be Individualized

9/27/2016 The Digital Rectal Exam For Prostate Cancer

09/20/2016 Good Health Habits May Reduce a Man’s Prostate Cancer Risk

09/06/2016 Men Should Get a PSA Test Before The Age of 50

08/30/2016 MRI Fusion Biopsy Is Superior To Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

08/24/2016 A Molecule May Help Distinguish Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

08/10/2016 Button TURP vs. Green Light Laser for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

08/02/2016 Robotic Prostate Surgery Is Recommended Over Open Surgery

07/26/2016 Metastatic Prostate Cancer Can Be Prevented With Early Diagnosis

07/12/2016 Genetic Testing For Prostate Cancer

07/05/2016 Why Prostate Cancer Treatment Options Have To Be Personalized

06/27/2016 Why Baseline PSA Screening Should Begin At Age 40

06/15/2016 Erectile Dysfunction - The Number One Concern In Men Fighting Prostate Cancer

06/07/2016 Healthy Body Weight Reduces Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

05/17/2016  Promising New Prostate Cancer Tests On The Horizon

5/10/2016 African American Men Have The Highest Rate Of Prostate Cancer

05/03/2016 Radiation May Not Improve Prostate Cancer Survival

04/26/2016 Can Cholesterol Drugs Kill Prostate Cancer Cells?

04/20/2016 Early Life Factors Could Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

04/12/2016 Increased Ejaculation is Strongly Linked to a Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer

03/22/2016 State Of The Art UroNav Fusion Biopsy Prostate Cancer Testing

03/08/2016 Radiation for Prostate Cancer Linked to Secondary Cancers

03/01/206 Annual Prostate Check-Ups Are for More Than Just Prostate Cancer

02/23/2016 What you need to know about an elevated PSA

02/17/2016 New 10-minute saliva test to detect cancer

02/11/2016 Prostate cancer death rates have dropped about 50 percent in the past 2 decades, according to new study

02/08/2016 Could Exercise Improve Prostate Cancer Survival?

02/04/2016 Are Men with Low Risk Prostate Cancer Being Monitored Closely Enough?

01/20/16 Men with Prostate Cancer in more highly populated areas more likely to be treated with surgery and radiation

01/12/16 World renowned Robotic Prostate Surgeon in New York supports new study for use of ConfirmMDX

12/8/15 New Study: Diet Linked for Prostate Cancer Survival

11/24/15 With Fewer PSA Screenings, Will More Men Die for Prostate Cancer?

11/10/15 High Tech Prostate Imaging and Biopsy: Dr. David Samadi Now Offering Upgrade Version of MRI Fusion Biopsy

11/3/15 Movember: 3 Key 2015 Research Findings for Men's Health

Dr. Samadi Prostate Cancer Center Now Offering New Genetic Test, Prolaris

Gaps in Prostate Cancer Research and How Governor Cuomo’s Funding Will Help

New York Urologist, Dr. David Samadi, Performs MRI-Guided Biopsy Providing Expert Analysis For Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

You're At High Risk for Prostate Cancer If You Have A Family History

Race Matters When It Comes to Prostate Cancer

Elevated PSA Doesn't Always Mean Prostate Cancer

Free Consultation for Patients Newly Diagnosed for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Are you at risk? 5 Different Types of Prostate Cancer Found

New Genetic Test Oncotype DX Now Offered at Dr. Samadi's Prostate Cancer Center

UroNav Fusion Biopsy System Only Offered at Dr. Samadi's Prostate Cancer Center in New York City

Why Patients Should Choose Lenox Hill Hospital for Robotic Surgery

Dr. David B. Samadi's new Institute of Robotic Surgery has been inaugurated at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

PCA3 Test Now Offered at Dr. Samadi's Prostate Cancer Center

4K Score Test Now Offered at Dr. Samadi's Prostate Cancer Center

Did the U.S. Task Force Make the Wrong Call for Prostate Cancer? 

New Study Shows Surgery Has Less Long-Term Issues and Side Effects Than Radiation for Treating Prostate Cancer

New Revolutionary Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer Offered at Dr. Samadi Prostate Cancer Center

Dr. David Samadi's Prostate Cancer Center Offers Biomarker Diagnostic Testing for Prostate Cancer

Samadi Robotics Foundation Receives Generous Donation to Help Fund and Educate for Prostate Cancer Prevention

Samadi Challenge for Men's Health Month: Screening and Prevention Guidelines

Does An Elevated PSA Indicate Prostate Cancer?

New Genetic Testing May Prove Better Screening for Prostate Cancer

MR/Ultrasound Fusion-Guided Biopsy Better Able to Detect Aggressive Prostate Cancer, New Study Says

Sex After Prostate Cancer Made Possible by World-Renowned Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, using SMART Technique

World-Renowned Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, Offers Free Consultation to Men Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Fox News Medical Correspondent, Dr. David Samadi, Launches Global Health News Online Destination - SamadiMD.com

Urinary Control After Robotic Prostate Surgery

Free Consultation for Patients Newly Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Risk of Prostate Cancer as High as Breast Cancer

Vitamin D Shows Promise to Slow Prostate Tumor Growth and May Help Younger Men Diagnosed with Aggressive Prostate Cancer.

Uniting in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer: Complimentary PSA Screening for First 200 Men

ProstateCancer911.com: Redesigned For Men Struggling to Choose the Right Treatment for Prostate Cancer, from World-Renowned Expert, Dr. David Samadi

Samadi Robotics Foundation Launches Website; Will Prostate Cancer Get the Attention it Deserves?

Did Angelina Jolie Follow the Samadi Challenge to Prevent Breast, Ovarian Cancer?

New York City’s am970 Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. David Samadi, Interviews Dr. Ben Carson—who is Exploring a 2016 Presidential Campaign—on State of Healthcare

Dr. David Samadi Joins AM970 The Answer and AM 570 The Mission as Chief Medical Correspondent and host of World Health News with Dr. David Samadi

Renowned Robotic Surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, Launches New Radio Show - World Health News on New York City's WMCA am970

Sole New York City Prostate Cancer Center Offers Revolutionary UroNav Fusion Biopsy System From World Renowned Robotic Prostate Surgeon and Urologist, Dr. David Samadi

Call for Women to Give the Gift of Men's Health, This Valentine's Day