10 exercises improving a man’s sexual prowess


10 exercises improving a man’s sexual prowess

It’s no secret but great sex begins with being healthy and fit. Fitness is achieved with regular physical activity.  Men who practice regular exercise make a vital impact on their lives leading to good health.  Exercise increases energy, stamina, tones muscles, burns fat and improves mood and self-image. The good news (and maybe the best) is these same benefits also extend into the bedroom and can improve a man’s sex life beyond his wildest fantasies. Just burning an extra 200 calories a day can lower the risk of erectile dysfunction – which always puts a damper on performance.  Throw in some cardio, strength training and stretching and suddenly a man will be trying out new positions impressing his partner and himself.

A man’s sex life is an extremely important component of relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and enhancing his immune system.  To keep activities in the bedroom bustling, a man needs to give his sex life an extra boost by remaining fit and that means to exercise. 

Even if a man’s sex life is going along great, he needs to not take things for granted. To keep   bedroom moves fresh, vibrant and exciting, a man needs to care enough to do what it takes to make that happen.  Here are the moves all men can do to achieve this:

1.     Do planks

Planks are terrific for increasing endurance, stamina and giving arms staying power for the missionary position or other on-top positions.  The core muscles in the abdominal area are particularly targeted for thrust and helping to prevent a back injury.

2.     Lying leg raises

Lying leg raises is an intense move meant to improve thrust and targets the quads and glutes making upright sex positions easier to do.

3.     Kegels

Yes, there are kegels for men. Training the pelvic floor muscles can prevent an overactive bladder, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  In addition, kegels will tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles  and the perineal muscles improving the rigidity of an erection and the power of ejaculation. 

4.     Push ups

The classic push up is one of the best moves a man (or anyone) can do for strengthening the upper body and core.  Regular push ups will bring noticeable improvements in staying power, a stronger thrust and better stability for on-top positions.

5.     Squats

There is almost no better way to strengthening the lower body than doing squats daily.  This powerful sex-enhancing move can increase testosterone levels increasing blood flow to the pelvic region which means more intense orgasms.  Having better lower body strength will also improve thrust ability.

6.     Stationary lunges

Here is another perfect exercise all men should be doing – it enhances endurance, mobility, balance, core stability and builds strength.  Blood flow is also directed to the pelvic region when performing a lunge which results in better moves in the bedroom. 

7.     Reclined butterfly pose

Most men tend to skip flexibility moves – bad idea.  Loosening up the inner thighs and hips are necessary if a man wants to engage in a variety of sexual positions.  A reclined butterfly pose will do the job of stretching those muscles making them ready for action.

8.     Twisting forward bend

Here’s another stretching move targeting the inner thighs, hamstrings, obliques, pectorals, triceps and lats.  Performing this move leads to improved circulation, reduces fatigue and creates long, toned muscles giving you more leverage in bed. 

9.  Fast walking

Aerobic exercise can result in a 30 percent lowered risk of erectile dysfunction according to Harvard research.  Specifically, if it involves fast walking that burns at least 200 calories each day.  Brisk walking improves circulation and blood flow helping keep arteries clear of cholesterol.  This means a greater likelihood of stronger and longer erections.  Endorphins are also released during aerobic exercise leading to relaxation which can boost sexual performance.

10.  Swimming

Sexual activity can be an endurance event and what better way to train for it than long-distance swimming.  Another Harvard study of 160 male and female swimmers in their 60s reported sex lives comparable to those in their 40s.  Swimming for at least 30 minutes three times a week will increase sexual endurance and can lead to weight loss which also leads to better sex.  Losing excess body fat will helps bring out those six-pack abs making you more attractive to potential partners.