10 Hidden health perks men get from sex


10 Hidden health perks men get from sex

Ask any man and very few would ever object to sex. It is that important to them and primarily because of the overwhelmingly pleasurable feeling at the end.  But, what a man may not realize is how every time he engages in hanky-panky, the incredible favor it is doing for his health.  Keeping oneself busy beneath the sheets has mental and physical benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom.

This amazingly wonderful gift of nature carries a lot of clout when it comes to a man’s well-being and here are 10 health benefits men will garner from having an active, healthy sex life:

1. He will feel less stress, more relaxed

The act of sex releases the hormones of endorphins and oxytocin (feel-good hormones) that activate pleasure centers in the brain.  This is why everyone feels more intimate and ultimately relaxed after a romp in bed.  Feelings of anxiety and depression may not completely go away but at least men will feel better and have an improved perspective on life.

2. He’ll sleep like a baby

There’s a reason why men (and even women) tend to roll over and immediately go to sleep after lovemaking.  During intercourse the production of oxytocin increases while cortisol levels - which induce stress - decrease.  After orgasm is achieved, these hormonal changes put a man into a relaxed state making it easier for him to fall asleep and also leads to the deeper REM sleep we all need for waking up feeling rested.

3. He’ll have fewer colds or the flu

Having sex at least once a week helps increase higher levels of Immunoglobulin A (IgA).  IgA is an antibody playing a critical role in healthy immune functioning.  When IgA levels are raised our body is better able to fight off colds and flu by giving the immune system an extra boost.  In addition, sexually active people take fewer sick days – bosses, take note. 

4. He’ll be in better shape

Sex is really an exercise and one of the best workouts around.  Depending on how vigorous and energetic the sexual activity becomes, the average man may burn somewhere between 85 to 250 calories.  Areas of the body that particularly get a workout are the back, butt, and thighs.  However the arms, legs, and abs can also be sculpted by creative sexual positions.

5. He’ll look 10 years younger

Frequent sex may actually have the ability to turn back the clock on how young a man looks.  The Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland  did a study many years ago on guessing people’s ages.  The findings revealed participants who had sex on average 4 times a week, looked 7 to 12 years younger than their present age.  It appears that having more sex releases the hormones of estrogen, testosterone, and the youth-promoting hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrostone) giving both men and women a youthful glow along with keeping the body looking younger. 

6. He’ll have fewer aches and pains

Feeling a little achy? Have a headache?  Go have sex.  This is the prescription suggested  possibly helping some people experiencing pain in a study conducted at the Headache Clinic at Southern Illinois University.  Reaching orgasm releases the hormones of oxytocin and endorphins that may help ease away annoying aches and pains such as migraines. 

7. His risk of prostate cancer drops

Men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month are less likely to develop prostate cancer according to a 2016 follow-up study published in European Urology.   This study provided the strongest evidence to date on the beneficial role ejaculation has on preventing prostate cancer. 

8. He may live longer

There is a significant relationship between frequency of orgasm and risk of death, especially   for men.  Men who orgasm two times a week have a 50 percent lower chance of mortality than those who climax one time per month.  Since sex help lower stress, blood pressure, and pain it should come as no surprise that sex will also help with longevity. 

9.  He’ll have increased self-esteem and intimacy

Consistent sex involving mutual pleasure can not only increase bonding between a couple due to the surge in oxytocin at orgasm but it also stimulates feelings of affection, intimacy, and closeness.  The innate act of sex can lead to a better quality of life for a man.  The sexual energy created in a positive relationship helps him feel better about himself, his partner and life in general. 

10.  He may have a healthier heart

Researchers have found that men who have sex two to three times per week have a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular disease then men who only have sex a few times a month or less.

One theory is that sex is a type of physical activity protecting the heart.  Another theory is men who engage in frequent sex are more likely to be in an intimate relationship.  A close bond with a supportive partner makes for a happier heart both physically and emotionally by easing stress levels.  A man’s heart will be overjoyed - too much stress can actually cause a heart attack or stroke by increasing the amount of inflammation in his body.