Do Sex Positions Depend on Penis Size?

Any size can work well in the bedroom if you know how to use it, but many men experience performance anxiety around their penis size. There are many psychological factors that play a role in issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and having a hold up about size can be one of these factors.   But according to past research studies, about 85 percent of women were satisfies with their partner’s penis size.  So strictly speaking, size really doesn't matter in satisfying your partner.  Men come and all shapes and sizes, and they should own that.  If that pep-talk isn’t enough, then maybe trying different sex positions that work for your size and shape will make you feel more comfortable about what you are packing below the belt.   

For the well-endowed:

Being larger than average can have problems of its own.  Many men think this is the target, but large size can be uncomfortable for your partner so precautions definitely need to be taken that a smaller guy needn’t worry about.  The vagina only measures 3-7 inches so larger men surely need to take this into account. One of the biggest factors is controlling depth and speed as to not hurt your partner.  One solution when figuring out the best position is allowing your partner to be in control. Positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl allow her to control both depth and speed, avoiding any painful situations.

For the smaller than average man:

If length isn’t your strong suit, that doesn’t mean sex can’t be fun and satisfying.  As mentioned, the vagina only measures 3-7 inches.  Positions which decrease the size of the vaginal canal are good for smaller men so you can really show off what you are working with.  These include rear entry positions, like doggy style, or missionary positions where the legs are held more tightly together.   These positions also allow for the deepest penetration, and for freedom to play with your hands and increase stimulation elsewhere.

For the average guy:

Just because you fall into the average category, doesn’t mean every position works or feels good.  The biggest advantage in being average is being able to try new positions and see what works best.  Depending on your partner’s vagina, and depending on the specifications of your penis (bendy, thick, thin) you may prefer one move over the next. Experiment with standing positions, different angles and variations of the classics.  Average can get boring so keep mixing it up.