20 ways to feel more connected to your partner

20 ways to feel more connected to your partner

1.     Don’t try to fix each other’s problems, just listen to them. If you think you do have a good solution, wait and bring it up at another time.

2.     Avoid negativity and sarcasm. Set a goal to avoid saying anything negative to your partner and see how long you can go for. Start with a week and work your way up.

3.     Give each other massages. This can increase your intimacy and connection in many aspects.

4.     Instead of complaining, make a request when you need something or are concerned about something.

5.     Write each other letters. Research shows that writing letters can have positive effects compared to texting.

6.     Work out together. Couples who work out together are more likely to have a positive relationship as they aim to get healthy together.

7.     Look beyond each other’s imperfections. Try to look past whatever you may find annoying or imperfect. No one is perfect. Respond to her best qualities.

8.     Spend some alone time together, away from the kids. Even just an hour of time alone together can rekindle your connection as a couple.

9.     Put the kids to bed early. Put the kids to bed early so you both can enjoy alone time in the evening either in the bedroom, or even just to watch a movie together.

10.  Always try to find ways to create “we” situations instead of “me”. You are a partnership, and therefore should work through things as partners.

11.  Address both good and bad news. Whether your partner comes to you with positive or negative news, make sure to listen and respond actively to show that you care.

12.  Have date nights. See a movie, play mini golf, taking a cooking class. Enjoy your time as a couple and engage in meaningful conversation.

13.  Let each other have autonomy. It’s important that both people feel like they have their own lives.

14.  Travel together. Traveling to new places is the most fun when you are sharing that experience with someone you love.

15.  Don’t yell when you fight. Try to remain logical and calm when having an argument.

16.  Go on an adventure together. Keep things spicy by doing something wild every once in a while.

17.  Don’t push each other’s buttons. You know each other well, and know each other’s buttons to push. Don’t.

18.  Hang out with each other’s friends. Feeling like you can enjoy each other’s social lives together is important for any relationship.

19.  Communicate. Make sure to communicate no matter what. This is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

20.  Trust one another. Another key to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you can’t trust them, you shouldn’t be with them.