What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex, especially blowjobs usually get a bad rap thanks to the media and porn industries.  The giver is always in a compromising position, and can often be depicted in a demeaning way.   In real life, blowjobs give the giver an opportunity to be generous and please their partner.  It can be an incredibly fun experience for the giver, and if you are having fun then your receiver probably is too.  Enthusiasm is the best quality in giving oral sex, as it is a real confidence boost to your partner.  Here are some tips for better oral sex:

Get Comfortable

When you are giving oral sex, nothing will kill the mood faster than fidgeting around and readjusting yourself constantly.  You want to find a position that feels good for you. Generally it is easiest to position yourself between his legs. He can be sitting on the edge of the bed or sofa, lie back if he wants, or even standing. It takes men an average of three to five minutes to orgasm, so don’t worry about finding a position that needs to be comfortable for an extended period of time.

Warm Him Up and Find Your Rhythm

Once you are ready to get down to business, make sure you add lubrication to his penis, whether with your saliva or a non-toxic aid.  This will help you establish a good baseline technique, and facilitate using your hand in conjunction with your mouth. Most people’s mouths cannot accommodate even an average-sized penis, so your hand is there to help cover more ground and get a smooth rhythm going without over exhausting yourself. You can try alternating between using just your mouth and using just your hand.

Explore Other Techniques

Once you have revved up your partner and gotten a basic rhythm going, you can change your technique to accommodate your partner’s tastes.  Everyone likes different things, and this is the time to be generous and explore.  If you don’t know what he likes best, ask him.  Try to pay attention to physical cues and body language to gauge what works best.  You can also spend a little time focusing on his frenulum, which is the seam on the underside of his penis. For many men, this is the most sensitive area of the penis and a real turn on.