Why Men Love the Female Orgasm

According to science orgasms for men and women differ greatly.  For one thing, men are more likely to reach orgasm during sex.  Compared to women, this increased rate of orgasm is due to the fact that a man’s orgasm is driven by stimulation, while the rate of orgasm for a woman is driven by social and environmental factors.  The increased difficulty of orgasm for women might explain why men tend to have an infatuation with the female “O”.  Most men care about more than just their climax and orgasm.  Studies, or at least one, have shown that an important part of sex for men is getting their partner to orgasm.  Here are a few reasons why men probably love the female orgasm:

It makes them feel accomplished:

Because of the somewhat more difficult and elusive nature of the female orgasm, getting a women there can feel like they just one the championship football game.  It’s not necessarily a macho thing, but as with other aspects of life men crave the sense of achievement that can come in satisfying their partner.  It’s a real confidence booster to feel like a champ in the bedroom.

Orgasms bring a couple closer together:

Orgasms trigger the release of endorphins, serotonin, growth hormones and flood the brain with the bonding hormone, oxytocin.  This cocktail of feel good hormones make you feel more connected to your partner and make you feel more relaxed.  This feeling always feels better when it is shared between both partners, not just one or the other.

It feels good to know you can satisfy your lover:

Sometimes, the easiest way to know you partner is enjoying themselves is by reaching climax.  Of course you can still have fun without getting there, but being able to satisfy your lover is particularly rewarding.  It is like a reward in and of itself to know you can get your partner to climax.  It also makes a man more enthusiastic to play the game knowing they can win.

Your partner’s happiness makes you happy:

 Making your partner happy is an important part of a healthy relationship in and out of the bedroom.  Orgasms are just another way to make and keep your partner happy. Not to mention the sex has been shown to lower blood pressure, which in turn helps combat anxiety, relieves tension and can calm both our mental and physical states.