The Science of Foreplay

                  Foreplay isn’t just something to do before the main event.  It is an integral part of every sexual relationship and plays a big role in building strong and satisfying relationships.  Foreplay allows us to get you out of our own mind and forces you to focus on the physical matters at hand.  This action of being both mentally and physically present helps to reduce stress in a similar way physical exercise does. Being in a mentally present state before sex even happens can help us be more present during an extremely intimate act. According to some research, happiness occurs when you are fully engaged both mentally and physically in the experiences. On the contrary, we are less happy (doing any activity) when we are distracted by thoughts, doubts and everything else going on in our lives.

                  Sometimes foreplay can start with simply allowing time to relax.  Most people need a bit of time to unwind and relax before they can even think about sex. Some like to take a bath, others need alone time.  Regardless of what each person needs to relax, take the time to do so. If your partner has a tough time unwinding, suggest something specific that you know they would appreciate.  This can be thought of as a pre-foreplay.  The prep for foreplay so that you can actually have a successful exchange of foreplay without wandering thoughts or exhaustion.

A large part of foreplay is the buildup in can provide for desire between you and your partner. It allows you the opportunity to draw out the initiation of anything sexual before getting down.  This gives both of you a chance to build anticipation and prepare for sex mentally. Exchanging glances, kisses and touches, then teasingly walking away can help the increase the intensity of what is to come. Some people start far in advance by teasing and foreplay throughout the day, sending provocative text messages or chatting about sex over the phone to get revved up.

                  Foreplay can be thought of as a type of seduction, and everyone wants to feel wanted. This is especially important if you have been with the same person for quite a while, and don’t want to lose that spark.  Chasing after your partner, complimenting and acting as if you are trying to get them to bed for the first time every time is sure to boost their interest in you and having sex.  This is also a great confidence boost, and confidence feels sexy.