How to maximize your sexual pleasure

Sex feels great, but it can always feel better.   Some people don’t realize the importance of trying to make sex better and more pleasurable for both partners.  Ultimately constantly working to improve the quality of sex, means improving your connection with your partner. Here are some tips maximize your sexual pleasure, whether you are in a committed relationship or not:

Use seduction to heighten sexual desire

Everyone wants to feel wanted, and even if you have been with the same person for quite a while seduction is not lost on them.  Chasing after your partner, complimenting and acting as if you are trying to get them to bed for the first time every time is sure to boost their interest in you and having sex.  This is also a great confidence boost, and confidence feels sexy.

Share your fantasies

A big part of sex is communication with your partner.  Sharing desires and trying new things with your partner can open up an entire new avenue of pleasure.   Building up the excitement of trying new things can be enough to keep things interesting and have better sex.

Communicate with your partner

Verbalizing what you want is the only way to get it.  Of course you can use physical cues as well, but part of staying happy in the bedroom is getting what you want.  Your partner may not realize certain things would fulfill you sexually if you never let him/her know.  There’s no harm in asking, right?  Sharing new sexual experiences helps you connect deeper sexually.

Try something new

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to spice up your sex life.  All you need to do is try it in a different place or different time of day.  If you typically have sex before bed, why not try it in the morning?  If you are always having sex in the bedroom, try it somewhere else in the house.  Something this simple could be enough to keep things exciting.

Try putting in more hours at the gym

Moderate regular exercise has been shown to help improve blood flow to the sexual organs. Exercises focused on thighs, buttocks and pelvis are especially good for genital circulation. 

Try losing weight if you need to

Being overweight can impact sexual desire, sex drive and performance. This is because being overweight can reduce blood flow and lower testosterone levels.  High cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, can both can cause penile arteries to shut down when arteries get clogged with fat deposits. Erectile dysfunction leads to decreased sexual desire and libido.