How to Increase the Female Libido

Help her relax and destress: Sometimes boosting desire can simply start with allowing time to relax.  Most people, especially women, need a bit of time to unwind and relax before they can even think about sex. Some women like to take a bath, others need alone time.  Regardless of what she needs to relax, let her take the time to do so. If your partner has a tough time unwinding, suggest something specific that you know they would appreciate.  This can be thought of as a pre-foreplay.  The prep for foreplay so that you can actually have a successful exchange of foreplay without wandering thoughts or exhaustion.

Make her feel wanted: Chasing after your partner, complimenting and acting as if you are trying to get them to bed for the first time every time is sure to boost their interest in you and having sex.  This is also a great confidence boost, and confidence feels sexy.  This gives both of you a chance to build anticipation and prepare for sex mentally. Exchanging glances, kisses and touches, then teasingly walking away can help the increase the intensity of what is to come.

Be generous: Generous lovers increase overall sexual desire and arousal for their lovers.  Her pleasure should be the priority.  Being consistently generous increases overall desire within relationship.  Making your partner feel satisfied and accounted for it definitely a confidence booster. Furthermore, focusing on the desires of your partner rather than on your own increases arousal for the giver as well. So it seems being generous really does pay off in the end.

Try positions for HER: Different positions work better for different people, just like some are better for women over men.  For many women, controlling depth and speed can be a huge bonus and facilitate orgasm.  Positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl allow a woman to control both depth and speed, allowing her to find a rhythm of her own. Similarly, positions which decrease the size of the vaginal canal can be good for the female orgasm as they increase the sexual sensations felt by a woman. These include rear entry positions, like doggy style, or missionary positions where the legs are held more tightly together.   These positions also allow for the deepest penetration, and for increased stimulation and foreplay elsewhere.

Don’t be so polite: Most women won’t admit this, but going to bed with a man who knows what he wants and goes after it is a definite turn on.  No one wants someone overbearing or overly pushy in bed, but a little bit rougher and more domineering can be a welcome change to always playing it safe.  Being more aggressive, while still listening to her cues of what feels good and what doesn’t, can definitely work in your favor.  Many women take control in a lot of aspects of their lives especially within a relationship.  Relinquishing this control and being able to let go, while the man takes charge of the bed-room can be a welcome change to the norm.