Why Masturbation Can be Healthy for Couples

Solo play, or masturbation, has often been associated with something you do when a partner is not available for one reason or another. But for many couples, masturbation has become less taboo and made its way into commonplace in the bedroom.  This is especially true when one partner owns a sex toy.  It has become commonplace for those sex toys to find their way into the bedroom and into the sexual interaction. Many find masturbation and toys as a new and exciting sexual adventure with their partners, and a way to keep things interesting.

Delving into new sexual experiences with your partner is always a good thing and means growth for a relationship as you are constantly trying new things together.  It may not seem like much, but watching your partner during solo play can be very arousing, as watching you can be for them.  Aside from the exciting boost in desire, masturbation is a healthy part of life so why not do it together?  Masturbation can help lower your risk for a heart attack and help reduce stress levels. Some of the benefits of masturbation include better mood, pain relief, and increased sexual endurance.  Just as sex with a partner releases tons of feel good hormones, so does masturbation. 

Masturbation can also be advantageous because it helps men, and more especially women, recognize for themselves what feels best during stimulation, including differences in speed and pressure of self-pleasure.  Knowing what feels good can help you verbalize your sexual needs with your partner and have a more fulfilling sex life. Similarly, just as sex with a partner releases tons of feel good hormones, so does masturbation.  Not only does it help you to get in tune with your body, but also helps you reap some great mental and physical benefits.  These include feelings of joy, pleasure, stress relief, relaxation and mental clarity.

Sex is such a big part of a relationship because it forces a connection of mindfulness and is an act of being present with your partner.   This action of being both mentally and physically present helps to reduce stress in a similar way physical exercise does.  The easiest way to be present is to do things that are different with your partner. Keeping things fun and exciting in the bedroom cannot be underestimated and one way to do this is making masturbation with your partner okay.  This falls under the category of trying new things and using the power of foreplay to add some spice to your bedroom.