What Men Want in Bed

Sex mixed with adventure:

Many men associate sexual experiences, or fantasize about them couple with adrenaline pumping hobbies.  Think of it as a man fulfilling his dreams of being James Bond.  This is why action packed adventures like strenuous hiking, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, or skydiving might get a man’s libido going.  With hormones like testosterone pumping through his veins his sure to think of what he would do if he had a partner in the moment.

Open up to your partner about your fantasies:

A big part of sex is communication with your partner.  Sharing desires and trying new things with your partner can open up an entire new avenue of pleasure.   Building up the excitement of trying new things can be enough to keep things interesting and have better sex. Similarly, verbalizing what you want is the only way to get it.  Of course you can use physical cues as well, but part of staying happy in the bedroom is getting what you want.  Your partner may not realize certain things would fulfill you sexually if you never let him/her know.  There’s no harm in asking, right?  Sharing new sexual experiences helps you connect deeper sexually.

Role play:

As with the theme of opening up to your partner, some men and women are nervous about telling their partner that they’d like to act out.  Role play, like acting, can allow people to step out of the norm and their daily lives and just have fun with their significant other.  Changing up what you normally do can be fun for both people and create a safe place where you experience new things together.  It can also help you seduce your partner all over again, as if you just met.  Who doesn’t want to feel wanted?

Don’t be afraid to mix it up:

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to spice things up and satisfy a man’s desires.  All you need to do is try it in a different place or different time of day.  If you typically have sex before bed, why not try it in the morning?  If you are always having sex in the bedroom, try it somewhere else in the house.  Something this simple could be enough to keep things exciting. So much of what makes sex boring is having it in the same place or the same time.  This familiarity makes it more routine than fun.  Many people miss the feeling of adventure that comes with getting to know someone and becoming sexually active with them.  It’s always good to try to remember what it was like when first started getting intimate with your partner. Taking sex to an unexpected location, whether it is your living room or a hotel room, shows attraction beyond just the act o0f having sex.  It can be rejuvenating and fun for any couple.