What you didn’t know about your orgasms

Although physically similar in both sexes, according to science orgasms for men and women differ greatly.  It is true that both experience warm, tingly, physical sensations throughout the body, but the orgasmic sensation tends to be more localized for men.  Let’s take a look at some other things that men probably didn’t know about their orgasms:

1.     Orgasm creates a natural high: brain scans reveal that during orgasm, the brain’s reward center lights up.  The feeling of pleasure that you get during orgasm is similar to that of an addictive drug high, only much more beneficial to our health.

2.     Orgasm with a partner is different than alone: it is known than after an orgasm your body releases the hormone prolactin, which plays a role in regulating sexual satisfaction and the refractory period after sex.  Generally the more prolactin released, the more satisfactory the orgasm.  Researchers found that both men and women release 400% more prolactin after intercourse with a partner compared to solo play.

3.     Some guys fake it: Research out of the University of Kansas found that 28% of college guys surveyed had faked an orgasm with their partner.  This might sound a bit crazy but sometimes too much alcohol caused delayed orgasm or sleep was a bigger priority.  Satisfying their partner over themselves was said to be an important factor.  Whatever the reason, it’s good to know faking it is gender neutral.

4.     Men can have multiple orgasms: A typical refractory period between orgasms for men can range from a few hours to a few minutes.  If you are in the latter group, or have the meditative breathing techniques down you can likely achieve a multi-orgasmic climax much like that women experience. It is surmised that extra prolactin post-orgasm is not produced by men who are able to achieve this.

5.     Not all orgasms bring on pleasure: In a rare subset of men, orgasm isn’t associated with pleasure.  This is known as sexual anhedonia, where the physical signs of orgasm are there, but the pleasure part is not.  This is often the result of antidepressants that affects serotonin receptors.

6.     Weight can affect your orgasm: Being overweight can affect not only your self-esteem and your feelings of sexuality but you're likely to suffer from blood vessel disease which can reduce essential blood flow to the genitals and hinder your orgasm.  Moreover, the more overweight you are, the less semen during ejaculation you are said to produce.