6 Tips to going down on a woman

You have to give if you expect to receive, and the bedroom is no different.  So guys, if you enjoy when your lady goes down on you, make sure you are showing your woman the same love.  Here are some tips to going down on a woman:  

1.     Put your tongue to good use:

The advantage of your tongue over your man-parts, is that it has a much larger range of motion.  Your tongue isn’t meant for “sex-like” in and out movements, but for flicking, sucking, circles, and anything else you can think of.  Remember that the clitoris is equipped with over 8000 nerve endings, so focusing on it should be your main priority.   

2.     Pay attention:

Try to pay attention to physical cues and body language to gauge what works best.  Is she squirming and moaning? Or does she look bored?  Don’t be afraid to change things up if one technique doesn’t seem to be working.  Paying attention can make your oral sex session go from dud to something unforgettable.

3.     Use your hands

Oral sex isn’t just about your tongue.  Don’t be afraid to use your hands for penetration while using your tongue simultaneously.  This extra stimulation will have her thanking you in no time at all.

4.     Don’t forget foreplay:

Foreplay can be thought of as a type of seduction, and everyone wants to feel wanted. Sometimes foreplay can start with simply allowing time to relax.  Most people need a bit of time to unwind and relax before they can even think about sex or a sexual activity.  Foreplay allows you the opportunity to draw out the initiation of anything sexual before getting down.  And most women need this. On average, women need more time and foreplay to get into things. 

5.     Use your words:

Everyone wants a confidence boost, so having your partner complimenting your body in an especially compromising position can feel great.  Orgasms are just another way to make and keep your partner happy, so even if oral isn’t your favorite activity, making her feel like it is will really pay off.  Everyone wants to get complimented – so let her know how great she look sand how much you are enjoying yourself.  The more enthusiastic you are about it, the more she will be.  

6.     Communicate:

If you don’t know what she likes best, then just ask.  Don’t just assume she is enjoying what you are doing. Allowing her to verbalize what she wants is the only way to ensure she gets it.  Of course you can use physical cues as well, but these are not always straightforward. You may not realize your partner likes certain things until you start asking questions.  Ask her what feels good, or what she’d like more of to get her to climax faster.