Things You Should Avoid Before Sex

We’ve all heard of aphrodisiacs, but what about anti-aphrodisiacs? Just like there are certain things that will help you to get in the mood, there are conversely things that will keep you from getting there. Most people don’t even think of this as a possibility, but there are in fact very common things that will kill your libido.  Let’s take a look are some of the things you should be avoiding before sex:

1. Antihistamines: These decongestants work by drying out mucous membranes and relieving nasal discomfort.  The thing is, this effect does not only targets the source of your congestion, but also the membranes in the vagina.  Your brain might be saying yes, but your body is definitely saying no.

2. Spicy Food:  We have all experienced the difference that asparagus can make in the smell of our urine, but this is just one example of how food can change the way we smell (down there).  Just like foods can affect the way our urine smells, they can also affect odor and taste of a woman’s vagina. What’s more, very spicy food can cause excess gas, bloating and malodorous flatulence. Definitely not things that will make a woman feel sexy or put her in the mood.

3. Excessive drinking: By reducing anxiety and stress one drink can help get you in the mood for sex; but beware, alcohol is a depressant, too much booze and you can end up with quite the opposite problem.  Drinking too much will dull your senses, and your ability to orgasm will diminish with it.

4. Playing with Your Food:  Some people like to get creative with their foreplay, and there’s nothing wrong with that but if you are using whipped cream, chocolate sauce or any other edible concoction trouble might be coming your way. Getting anything with sugar near or in the vagina can spur a yeast infection which will put a damper on anyone’s sex life. 

5. Brushing with an electronic toothbrush: Electric toothbrushes cause tiny tears in your gums through the abrasion from the toothbrush bristles. This means your mouth becomes more susceptible to infection like sores or STDs.  If you want to kill the mood, finding out you contacted an STD or other infection will surely do the trick.

6. Shaving right before sex: Even though feeling smooth can help you feel sexier and more confident having sex, having a bumpy rash, feeling swollen or irritated can do quite the opposite. Shaving a night or 2 before can help you avoid this sex drive killer.