When love literally hurts

When the band Nazareth played their hit song “Love Hurts” with the lyrics “love hurts, love scars, love wounds,” they meant it metaphorically not literally.  However, love occasionally can cause sex-related injuries that usually are not life-threatening but can be a source of temporary pain and misery.  Listed are some fairly common conditions that may need a gynecologists’ attention and how you can keep yourself from “getting burned when the flame is hot.”

Tears in the vagina

This usually occurs due to dryness in the vagina and not enough lubrication.  The best way to prevent this is to make sure before a man enters you, is to either go slower during sex or use a lubricant.  If vaginal tearing or bleeding still is happening after trying that approach, it’s time to see your gynecologist.  Most vaginal tears tend to be small and can heal on their own but if it is larger and is continuing to bleed, see a healthcare provider right away.

Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infections, also known as candidiasis, are a common female condition caused by the fungus Candida.  It manifests itself with intense itching, swelling, and irritation.  Unfortunately, once you have had a yeast infection, you’re more likely to get another one.  They can be spread by sexual contact but they are not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease. 

However, if you are scratching to relieve vaginal itching, you may inadvertently make small tears in the skin allowing bacteria or viruses that cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to enter into your body.  You don’t necessarily have to refrain from sex but the itching and burning may make sex uncomfortable.  Certain creams prescribed to treat a yeast infection can be irritating to a man’s penis and it may be advisable for him to wear a condom until the infection is cleared up.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are another annoying thing that is pretty common for most women to experience at least once in their life.  Symptoms include burning or stinging on urination, strong urge to urinate, or urine appearing cloudy looking.  First thing is to get on an antibiotic to clear up the infection.  During sex, make sure you are well-lubricated and don’t have rough sex that could end up causing tear or irritation.  It is also advisable to go use the bathroom both before and after sex to help prevent UTI-causing bacteria from sticking around in your body.  Drink lots of fluids to help flush out the bacteria. 

Foreign objects that get stuck in the vagina

You probably have guessed the most common foreign objects to sometimes get lost in the vagina – tampons and condoms.  If you realize something like a tampon or condom has disappeared inside you after having sex, wait about 10 to 15 minutes to help the vagina get back to its’ normal unaroused size, making it easier to insert two fingers inside to retrieve the object.  If you cannot get the object out, go to a doctor as soon as possible – no need to be embarrassed as they’ve seen this before and are pros at getting them out.

Back Injury

Your attempt at trying a new position rivaling acrobatic moves seen at a circus, can fail miserably when you injure your back.  Both men and women can hurt themselves particularly if they are not in the best of shape and lack flexibility.  If the injury is mild, put an ice pack on the spot to relieve inflammation.  Then, switch to a heating pad to continue soothing sore muscles.  Ibuprofen can also benefit a sore back along with basic rest.  If the pain does not lessen within a couple of weeks or gets progressively worse, make an appointment with your physician.  Now it you want to be truthful on how the injury happened, that’s up to you; otherwise be creative in your tall tale.

Rug burn


Feeling a little adventurous and decided to opt for the carpeted floor instead of the comfort of your bed’s mattress?  You may regret that if you end up getting rug burn due to friction.  If it’s just a minor abrasion, most likely nothing needs to be done.  But if the skin actually broke, clean it with an antiseptic and apply antibacterial cream.  Next time, at least put down a soft blanket.