5 enlightening facts about the female orgasm


5 enlightening facts about the female orgasm

When it comes to orgasms, all is not necessarily fair in love and sex.  The majority of men can reach orgasm within a few minutes. Part of this is due to the fact that men have more testosterone than women stimulating a stronger interest in sex and that the male orgasm is essential for reproduction.

But for women, that’s often not the case.  Women generally need more time to become sexually aroused making the female orgasm somewhat of a mystery.  Women’s orgasms are different.  A woman does not have to orgasm to get pregnant plus over the centuries, female sexuality has often been inhibited due to cultural influences.  Therefore this has made the female orgasm more fickle and elusive.  But when the big “O” happens it can be a huge turn on for men who enjoy pleasing their partner.

Here are 5 facts on the female orgasm.  These may enlighten you on how to help her get the joyful satisfaction she deserves:

1.     Up to one-third of women have trouble climaxing

The feat of actually achieving an orgasm as a woman is not to be taken lightly as it is estimated that one in three women have trouble reaching this pinnacle of pure pleasure.  And having an orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone is even more evasive as only 80 percent of women can achieve this accomplishment.  If you are a woman who can reach this moment of ecstasy either manually stimulated or through intercourse with no problem, give yourself a pat on the back. 

Some women may have female sexual dysfunction which includes the inability to achieve an orgasm is speculated to be as high as 43 percent among females.  To deal with this condition, a woman should seek out medical advice from her primary care physician or a gynecologist.  There are a few medications that could be help from using topical testosterone therapies to a few oral medications.  It is also advisable to look into certain medical conditions that may be influencing a woman’s ability to have an orgasm such as depression, diabetes, estrogen or testosterone insufficiency, or thyroid disorders. 

2.     Don’t do the same thing over and over

As they say, variety is the spice of life.  This is certainly true in the bedroom.  If your sex life has become the same old routine, it is time to switch things up.  If you keep resorting to only sexual intercourse as the way to help her reach an orgasm but it just isn’t happening, it’s time to try something different.  Using different techniques or sex acts can be very titillating and exciting and may be the trick to turning her on to the point of bliss and elation.  Switching things up in the bedroom can be one of the best ways of breaking up the monotony that has become stale. 

3.     Her brain is her main sex organ

Sexual turn on is not all about “down there.”   You must use her brain as the body and mind are connected when it comes to climaxing.  Our brain is the master control organ in regards to sex.  Think about it – if she has had a bad day or she’s feeling emotional or stressed out, it is going to be much more difficult for her to have an orgasm and understandably so. 

Maybe this is not the time to initiate sex.  Try paying her extra attention in other ways such as giving her massage, a foot rub or fixing her favorite meal.  Then when in bed, approach her more slowly testing the waters.  Begin with caresses and loving words that she wants to hear making her more likely to get in the mood.  Continue with fantasies you both can share that can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

4.     Women in committed relationships are more likely to have more orgasms

One night stands and casual hookups may sound exciting but being in a committed relationship is really the way to go if you are going to be successful in reaching orgasm.  Women are two times more likely to climax in this type of situation.  This is why married women are the ones having the most satisfying sex than single women.  Committed relationships means couples are devoted to working out sexual issues because of the framework of trust they have established.

5.     Recognize when she is getting close to orgasm

Most men are usually good at this but it can take practice to know when a woman is getting close to exploding with pleasure.  Give her your full attention as she will make subtle to not so subtle moves and sounds that can give you important clues to her coming.  Whatever technique you doing, orally, manually or through intercourse, listen to her gasps and moans as to what feels good to her.  Many women move their hips rhythmically or raise them up when an orgasm is approaching. 

Other signs to watch for are her clitoris will swell and enlarge in response to stimulation and her labia will deepen in color due to increased blood flow to this area.  She will also feel much more lubricated right before the moment happens.  During this time, be sure to communicate with her what is feeling good and what isn’t so as not to let the moment slip away.