5 Ways men can last longer in bed 


5 Ways men can last longer in bed 

There are two things in the bedroom most men are insecure about – the size of their penis and their duration during sex. Not much can be done about size of genitalia but length of sexual performance is another story. Is there a specific set time limit on how long sex should last?  Ask a man and most will respond with “I wish it (or I) could last longer.”  Many a man has questioned and felt frustrated as to why he can’t seem to last longer in bed before ejaculation.  The pressure to last indefinitely stems from men led to believe that he needs to go on and on convincing himself this is what women enjoy and want during lovemaking. 

If it helps men to feel consoled, research has shown that the average man lasts about 6 minutes.  This was from a study looking at premature ejaculation where the men were timed as soon as penetration occurred and stopped when the man ejaculated.  The time ranged from a speedy 6 seconds to a lengthy 53 minutes with the majority of men lasting between 4 to 11 minutes.  Anyone lasting longer than 21 minutes was considered an outlier. 

Studies like this give men a better idea of what is “average” and likely can take heart that he falls within that range.  Truth be known, most women are usually quite happy with the length of time sex lasts and are not necessarily interested in long romps in bed.

But, if you’re a man, how long you can last makes a difference.  Their virility, their manliness, often manifests itself in their ability to feel self-confident in their bedroom performance.  So, if you are looking for ways to improve upon the duration of a sexual escapade, here are some helpful hints for making sex last longer:

1.  Practice Kegel exercises faithfully

There is more evidence from research studies demonstrating the power of Kegel exercises for men in prolonging staying power in bed.  One study showed that men who had had lifelong premature ejaculation were cured after using pelvic floor exercises after several months. A 2016 review of male ejaculation found that men who do Kegel exercises could train the perineal muscles to gain better control of the point of no return in regards to ejaculation. 

This is good news for men as practicing Kegel exercises can be a valid and effective treatment for a man who wishes to last longer in bed avoiding premature ejaculation.  Kegel exercises are a natural method of treating this condition as a man can avoid taking medication avoiding side effects. 

Men need to remember that as they age and testosterone levels wane, muscle mass throughout his body will slowly reduce and weaken and that includes the pelvic floor muscles.  Keep those important muscles taunt and tight with Kegels. 

2.  Orgasm isn’t everything

What!  Say it isn’t so!  Men tend to think of sex in terms of the end goal or why we have sex to begin with.  Orgasms are certainly pleasurable and well-worth the effort but the point of sex is much more than that.  Take the pressure off yourself and the length of time you can last.  Instead, focus on making a connection with your partner that creates an atmosphere of intimacy, passion and love.  Even if you climax early, the session doesn’t have to be over.  Continue with pleasuring her in the afterplay or afterglow of lovemaking.  Trust me, if a woman senses this sort of vibe from you during sex, you’ll be considered the greatest lover on earth and it won’t matter how long you last.

3.  Ladies first

Just like you hold the door open for a lady to enter first, do the same during intimacy.  In other words, put the focus first on helping her to reach orgasm before you do. Get to know what turns her on the most to achieve this goal and once she’s reached it, then it’s your turn.  Besides, knowing she’s enjoyed herself takes pressure off of your feeling to last longer in bed.

4.  Treat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like.  It is estimated as many as one out of every three men experiences it at some time in their lives.  If it happens infrequently, it’s not a cause for concern.  However if frequency has increased and is negatively affecting your sex life, it’s time to discuss this with your doctor.  One thing they may suggest is a behavioral technique to slow down the ejaculatory response.  When you feel an orgasm coming on, stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis.  Apply firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger and focus the pressure on the urethra, or tube running along the underside of the penis. This technique pushes the blood out of the penis, momentarily reducing sexual tension helping you last longer.  

Other solutions might include topical anesthetic creams and sprays with a numbing agent to reduce sensation helping delay ejaculation, oral medications such as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, and even a technique called the squeeze-pause method credited to Masters and Johnson, highly renowned sex therapists who pioneered research in sex and sexual dysfunction in humans from 1957 to the 1990’s.  By practicing this method, a man can train his body to delay orgasm longer avoiding premature ejaculation.

5.   Take good care of yourself

There is always something good to be said about a man who cares enough about himself to take actually take good care of himself.  Don’t think of it as being vain or selfish.  Men (and women) who eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, don’t smoke or abuse alcohol, are investing in their health and well-being – that usually results in reduced illness and less time spent sitting around in doctor’s offices. 

Men particularly need to pay attention to their health as the ability to achieve and maintain a firm erection depends on good blood flow which means a healthy circulatory system.  Having a strong heart with healthy blood flow means better stamina for sex.

Putting into perspective

The most important thing all men need to remember is to keep the focus during sex on what your partner desires and needs as well as your own.  Communicate with one another on what feels good putting a spotlight on the quality of the session and not how long it lasts.  Very few of us can or want sexual activity to stretch on for hours. Remember, quality over quantity always wins once you reach the finish line.