6 Symptoms Of STD Affecting A Man

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections transmitted during sexual contact.  STDs are also referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  Either way, a STD can be contracted by a man during any type of sexual activity including vaginal, anal and oral sex. 

Some STDs do have signs and symptoms indicating there is a problem while others may be present but have no signs or symptoms of them.  A man’s penis is one area of the body that can be a clue if a man did contract a STD. 

Below, are 6 symptoms that can affect the penis indicating the possibility of a STD.  Whenever a man notices any sort of a change with his penis, he needs to consult with his doctor immediately. 

1.      Discharge from the penis

One type of STD is gonorrhea.  If a man is infected with gonorrhea, he may have a thick white, yellow, or green discharge from the tip of his penis.  Other symptoms of gonorrhea can be pain with urination or in the urethra.  Treatment for gonorrhea is the use of two drugs – a single dose of intramuscular ceftriaxone and oral azithromycin.  These medications will stop the disease but it will not repair any permanent damage done by gonorrhea. 

2.      Pain or discomfort in the penis

A telltale sign often of a STD can be any pain, itchiness, or discomfort with the penis.  Another sign can be these same symptoms associated with urination.

3.      Signs of brown flecks on the hair around the penis

Pubic lice also known as crabs, is another type of a STI that can affect the penis.  If a man notices tiny gray, white or brown colored eggs on the shaft of his pubic hair or has itching in the pubic area, this is most likely pubic lice.  Faint blue spots in this area where they have bitten a man is another sign of this STI.  There are lice-killing lotions and shampoos that can treat and kill an infestation of pubic lice. 

4.      Sore on the penis

The STD of syphilis can appear on a man’s penis as a hard, painless, dime-sized sore.  There may also be swelling of the lymph nodes in the groin.  Treatment is a single intramuscular injection of long-acting Benzathine penicillin G. 

5.      Red bumps on the penis and scrotum

Itchy, red bumps and nodules appearing in lines are indicative of a scabies infestation.  This common infestation of the skin may look like a rash and if a man scratches the bumps, they can become infected with bacteria.  Treatment requires a prescription cream or lotion.

6.      Painful blisters or scabs on the penis

Genital herpes can be a STD that shows up as a cluster of painful or itchy red spots and small blisters on the penis.  A man will notice itching or pain first, than a day or two later will notice the appearance of blisters.  Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes.  But a man can take antiviral medications to shorten or prevent outbreaks.  Also taking an antiviral medication daily can reduce the likelihood of transmission to a partner.

In conclusion

Men should know that many STDs will have symptoms that appear on other parts of the body besides his penis or groin area.  Anything out of the ordinary should be reported to his doctor right away.  Anytime anyone is sexually active, they should be familiar with all of the possible signs of STDs.  Many STDs can have serious and permanent health damage if they are left untreated or treated at a late stage. 

It is vitally important if a man contracts and is diagnosed with a STD he needs to inform his sexual partner(s) right away so they can be tested too. Always engage in safe sex practices.  Using a condom can be very effective when it comes to protecting against STDs.