9 surprising reasons to have more orgasms


9 surprising reasons to have more orgasms

Want to know a secret to better health that doesn’t involve eating kale or running 10 miles a day? Have frequent orgasms. Orgasms may not be a thoroughly well-researched topic in regards to our health but from the few that have been done, they appear to benefit our well-being more than we realize.

Sexual intimacy is hard-wired into our brains.  We naturally gravitate towards this pleasurable act primarily in order to propagate our species. But we also know that the end result of the finale of this act is pretty awesome.  This is another reason why we are driven to experience it again and again.

A main reason why orgasms feel so good is because our brain releases the hormone oxytocin.  Nicknamed the “love hormone,” oxytocin plays an important role in facilitating and cementing social bonding between humans.  It creates that loving feeling towards your partner and the feeling of wanting to express that love over and over.

One of the nicest perks of having an orgasm is how beneficial they are for our health and well-being. Let’s take a look at 9 ways orgasms are not only an extremely euphoric sensation for us but how they also have a positive impact on our health:

1.  Relieves pain

Experiencing an orgasm sends a rush of the hormone oxytocin surging through our body acting as a natural pain-reliever blocking pain by as much as 50 percent but only during the orgasm.  Other endorphins are also released during orgasm, the same ones that are triggered during laughter or exercise.

2.  Aids in fertility

The odds of conception appear to improve when a woman has an orgasm.  One study found that contractions from climaxing cause both vaginal and cervical movement that may draw in sperm escorting them in the right direction. Increased amounts of sperm have been found in the cervical mucus of women who had an orgasm. 

3.  May reduce incidence of prostate cancer

The National Cancer Institute had a study from 2004 comparing 50,000 men finding those who had more than 21 orgasms each month were 30 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who had fewer than seven orgasms in a month. 

Another study from 2003 found that men who had five orgasms a week in their twenties had a one-third lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer later in life.  It is speculated by researchers that ejaculation may clear out the prostate of old semen that might possibly turn cancerous.

4.  Reduces stress

There is nothing quite like an orgasm to sweep you away from all stressful situations going on in your life.  It’s the perfect stress-buster as oxytocin and endorphins flood the body during sex and particularly during an orgasm making you feel relaxed free from tension and anxiety - far better than taking a valium. 

5.  May possibly increase longevity

Even though the links are hazy, there are limited studies suggesting an association between sexual activity and health.  A book called The Longevity Project: Surprising discoveries for health and long-life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study by Dr. Howard Friedman, found that women who had a higher frequency of achieving orgasm during intercourse tended to live longer than women who didn’t.  The precise casual connection is not known but, hey, it’s worth giving it a try to find out if it’s true.

6.  Appears to reduce the risk of heart disease for men

It has been known that men who have few if any problems achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient for sex, tend to have healthier arteries.  The same process that causes heart disease can also block blood flow in the penis.  What is not as well understood is whether orgasms protect men from heart disease or if healthier men simply have more orgasms. 

7.  Promotes better sleep

Your choice: would you rather take a sleeping pill or have a mind-blowing orgasm to help prevent insomnia?  It is not known for sure why, but when we experience an orgasm, it is theorized that the release of endorphins creates a sedative effect lulling you to sleep.

8.  Enhances youthful looking skin

Forget Botox.  For great looking skin have sex ending in an orgasm. A British researcher spent 10 years quizzing thousands of men and women of all ages and found respondents between the ages of 40 and 50 who looked younger reported having sex 50 percent more often compared to those who looked older.  He theorized that sexual expression and satisfaction is a major contributor to quality of life.  While the study did not explicitly state the specifics as to why orgasms could make you look younger but the researcher stated that it could be because intercourse releases the human growth hormone making skin more elastic.

9.  Orgasms get better as you age

Thank goodness sex is not just for the young and youthful.  There is no reason to stop having sex at any certain age.  In fact, the older you get, the more likely you will enjoy it even more.  A study in the American Journal of Medicine found that sexual satisfaction in women increases with age and that approximately half of the women over 80 years old reported sexual satisfaction almost always or always.