Clever ways to have more fun in bed 


Clever ways to have more fun in bed 

Good sex doesn’t just happen.  Well, sometimes it does, but in long-term relationships, a good sex life needs nurturing and a dose of spirited fun added in. Can you remember when sex was playful, spontaneous, fulfilling and joyful?  If it seems like the last time you felt that way was eons ago, then it’s time for finding and putting fun back into your sexual relationship. Recapturing fun is worth the effort of retrieving it.

If you’ve lost that sizzle or spark keeping romantic fires burning, it probably needs a little stoking helping to rev up your sex life.  Here are some ideas to bring back the enjoyment and pure pleasure of fun-filled sexual satisfaction:

·      Be adventurous

It’s not necessary to go completely gung-ho wild but there’s nothing quite like doing something out of the ordinary instead of the same old, same old, to not only accommodate your inner adventurous spirit but to create some lasting memories.

Have you ever made love in the woods – secluded of course.  Gone skinny-dipping, had sex in a different room other than the bedroom, watched an x-rated movie or explored erotic books or films? 

What about performing a strip tease or send naughty texts or emails to one another during the day lighting the fire for a romantic interlude later on?  Having fun coming up with sexual adventures can be a boost to kindling sexual energy.

·      Be playful

When you think of fun, the word playful tends to tag along with it.  Playfulness is a quality breathing a breath of fresh air reviving your sex life once again.

Playfulness may include taking a shower or bubble bath together with the warmth of the water being sort of like an appetizer to sex.  Or leave each other love notes in your partner’s pocket or purse reminding them of your desire.  Have a pillow fight, tickle one another or simply laughing together has a special way of creating feelings of desire and closeness.

·      Be creative

If you only do the missionary position, you’ll never realize how much you’re missing out.  Try new positions, make love in the morning instead of only at night, wear sexy lingerie or use sex toys to add a new dimension to intimacy. 

·      Be sensual

Our senses love to be stimulated to heighten sexual awareness.  Begin with the bedroom.  Is it an environment that shouts “designed for lovemaking” or is it barely a whisper?  Use silk sheets to softly caress your skin, play music you both enjoy setting the mood, have the scent of flower wafting through the room, light candles for a warm glow, and bring to bed tasty, juicy, ripe fruit to whet the appetite and desire for sex.  When all five senses are engaged, a sexual tango is sure to happen.

·      Be romantic

There’s nothing quite like romance to bring a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.  Bring home flowers unexpectedly or write a poem about your lover and read it to them in a romantic setting.  Make a candlelight dinner featuring all their favorite foods or plan a weekend getaway. 

The glamour of romance may seem old-fashioned to the younger generation but it will never go out of style as long as it brings a couple closer together. 

When our attitudes about sexuality are framed with love and positivity, fun eventually finds its way back into the bedroom – or other places. Nurturing this precious part of our lives can preserve and prolong a healthy sex life for years to come.