Embrace exercise for better sex

Exercise equals better heart health, better immune functioning, better bone strength, better self-esteem, better sleep, and ….better sex?  Yes indeed.  Embracing exercise to obtain the other health benefits can give you an extra added bonus of also improving your sex life. 

Maybe exercise is not a part of your current lifestyle habits and may be your sexual activities could use a boost.  How about easing into exercise discovering how it can help revive a lackluster sex life to a more fulfilling and satisfying experience waiting to happen. 

Here’s why you should embrace exercise if you want to improve upon your sex life:

·Exercise improves sexual performance

Physically fit people are more likely to rate their own sexual performance higher than those who are not as physically fit. One reason could be due to an increase in self-confidence and an improved body image or given the fact they most likely have better circulation and blood flow. 

·Exercise makes you feel sexier

To be in the mood you need to feel sexy.  When we have taken good care of ourselves through exercise, we feel more comfortable with our body leading to better and more enhanced sex.  A 2004 study showed that men (80%) and women (60%) who were more physically fit rated their sexual desirability higher than individuals who were not as physically active.  Why workout if you don’t want to show off your efforts to someone you love?

·Exercise leads to better sex with age

We may have a hard time imagining older people engaging in sex but they do and they enjoy it particularly if they have maintained good fitness.  In fact, those in their sixties who exercise frequently report they have the same amount of sex and pleasure as do couples decades younger.

·Exercise releases endorphins

The all-critical hormones of endorphins are an absolute must for the feeling of bliss and contentment after sex and exercise is a part of that.  Because the act of being physically active releases endorphins, this means it leads to improved sexual arousal and reaching an orgasm quicker and more intensely.

·Exercise reduces erectile dysfunction

For a man to achieve an erection, he must have good blood flow to his penis.  If his arteries are blocked or he has high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems, this could interfere with the process.  This is where exercise comes in – exercise keeps the heart and arteries healthy which means better blood flow and better erections.  Men who regularly exercise report fewer incidences of erectile dysfunction.  

·Exercise results in more sex

When a person takes the time to get fit through exercise, they are generally healthier, look younger, and have more attractive bodies than those who do not exercise.  Another factor is that individuals who exercise are already more physical by seeking out various activities.  This extends into the bedroom .  Men who participate in exercise one hour per day three to five days a week have more frequent sex.  Women who exercise regularly become aroused quicker and both men and women have better blood flow to the genital area enhancing orgasms.