Is It Sexual Incompatibility or Mismatched Libidos?


Is It Sexual Incompatibility or Mismatched Libidos?

It is not uncommon for both men and women in a relationship to have difficulty at times with their libidos. Libidos simply refers to one's sex drive, or interest in sex. This can be affected by several factors such as biological and/or psychological issues, as well as the social setting.

In a relationship, problems with libido should never be ignored. The root of the problem has to be indentified so it can be dealt with effectively. Otherwise a healthy relationship between a couple can soon become negatively affected.

Biological Factors

It is the sex hormones of the body that can help create the libido. If for some reason the sex hormones are out of balance this can have a direct effect on one's desire to have sex. For this reason individuals no matter whether male or female should bring this issue to the attention of their health care provider, if they are not aware of what is specifically causing this problem.

Psychological Factors

Some psychological factors can simply be things that are going on in one's life at the moment. It could be work related, financial problems, or anything that is creating stress.

Social Factors

Can again be things that are going on in one's life such a other relationship issues that are affecting the emotions of both parties. Even some foods could play a factor in this.

It is commonly assumed that every happy couple want to engage in sex. Yet a new study is indicating that there are about 15% of men who have no desire, and about 34% of women who feel the same way.

Mismatched Libidos

This is more when one couple wants to enjoy a healthy sex life but the partner has no interest. This can be difficult because for the one that wants to have sex they feel as though they are being rejected by their partner. They can start forming thoughts that they are no longer considered attractive to their partner, or that there may be someone else.

Sexual Incompatibility

Sexual incompatibility can be more geared towards a partner's sexual performance. One of the individuals may feel that the other partner is not experienced enough or able to perform sex acts that will create the arousal that is needed for a satisfying sexual experience. Some men may feel that they are not physically well endowed when it comes to their penis size and this is why they are not able to gratify their partner.

If both feel as though the relationship is worth saving then libido has to be important. If there are problems concerning this on either side they should be dealt with. There are several things that can be done to address the problem, and they are well worth looking into. Open communication between the two is the first step, so no inferences are being drawn about what the real problem is.