Smart tips for men boosting sexual performance


Smart tips for men boosting sexual performance

Universally, men often are looking for ways to improve or enhance their love life. Besides eating and sleep, a man’s thoughts often turn to sexual performance – or lack thereof.  All men want to be thought of as a good lover and if there is any way he can enhance his performance, he is willing to listen. 

Bedroom performance begins long before the sexual act is occurring.  It is all about the little things you do over the course of a day that adds up to a big production of fireworks at night. 

Instead of relying on male enhancement supplements or other possible pills or potions to claim to boost sexual performance, here are 5 ways to keep the fires burning making you the man a woman sees not just as a good lover but a great one.

1.     Exercise daily

Don’t think of this as being vain.  Think of it as long-term sex insurance that will be there for you throughout the years.  Men who exercise by doing both cardiovascular and strength training workouts will not only be healthier but sexier.  Regular exercise such as running or swimming improves heart health that does wonders for your libido.  Strength training is a good way to boost testosterone naturally and boost your self-confidence which is a big turn-on for women.

2.     Choose foods wisely

Sometimes men may need a little help with increasing blood flow to the penis.  Without good blood flow, being able to achieve and maintain an erection will be more difficult.  Certain foods can aid in this are to get the blood pumping to the right areas.  These foods include:

·      Chilies and peppers – to get things hot in the bedroom, try eating spicy foods.  Naturally spicy foods help blood flow by reducing hypertension and inflammation.

·      Onions and garlic – another pair of foods that are known for improving blood circulation.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth before showing your love.

·      Bananas – known for being a rich source of potassium, bananas can lower blood pressure which improves blood flow and boost sexual performance.

·      Eggs – this naturally good source of protein and high in B vitamins, eggs also naturally balance hormone levels reducing stress to improve chances of achieving an erection.


3.     Lower stress

Stress can put a damper on your sex life.  One way is by lowering libido.  When under pressure and stress, your heart rate increases along with blood pressure.  Few men are going to feel in the mood when they feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode.  Whether it’s psychological or physical stress, both will make it unlikely to lead to being in the mood for love or achieving an erection.  Find healthy ways to relieve stress such as exercise, meditation, yoga, or simply talking with your partner can help get the feelings out in the open while finding solutions to reducing it.

4.     Be a good communicator and a good listener

The ability to carry on a good conversation while actively listening is one of the biggest turn-ons of all for any woman.  It’s not all about how much you say, but rather about what you are saying.  Good communication is a great libido booster for women.  Most women love to talk and like someone who will converse with them – they like attention. They also like to be heard so practicing really hearing what they are saying by listening intently will impress them to no end.  When women feel they have someone who they can not only talk with but who also listens and understands what they want, you’ve just hit the jackpot of opening the doors to love.

5.     Soak up some sunlight

Do you spend the majority of your day indoors?  If so, it’s time to step outside and soak up some sunlight.  Spending too much time indoors will only increase the production of melatonin, a hormone which can be a sleep inducer instead of inducing the desire for sex.  Melatonin may help us sleep but it also squelches sexual urges. Getting outdoors in the sunshine can help wake up your sex drive, especially during the winter when the body produces more melatonin.   

6.  Kick bad habits

Bad habits such as consuming too much alcohol or choosing to smoke cigarettes, can negatively affect sexual performance.  While studies suggest that a little red wine can improve circulations, too much alcohol can do just the opposite.  Stimulants narrow blood vessels and have been linked to impotence.  Cutting down or quitting smoking is a smart way to give yourself a sexual boost.