Unexpected yet awesome erogenous zones


Unexpected yet awesome erogenous zones

It’s no secret there are certain areas of the human body, both male and female, that respond amazingly well when touched stimulating immense pleasure. These areas are called erogenous zones and most of us know the ones we like pleasured the best.

If you associate the word “erogenous” with producing love, you’re on the right track.  The word erogenous comes from the Greek word eros meaning “love” and the English word genous meaning “producing.”  Understanding the various erogenous zones throughout the body can take your love life into a whole new direction of physical intimacy yet to be discovered. 

We all have our special erogenous zones where we particularly like to be touched in a sexual manner.  Erogenous zones are any area of the body that when touched can increase and heighten sexual arousal.  Common erogenous zones include the genitals, anus, breasts (consisting of the nipple and areola) and mouth.  When we know our bodies well, we can experience a whole new level of sexual pleasure and excitement for us and our partner. 

Finding potential erogenous zones different from the usual

There are many areas of the body that may hardly ever get touched during sexual foreplay or during intercourse.  By only touching “the usual areas” you could be missing out on a whole new level of excitement keeping your lovemaking sexy and titillating.

In reality, any area of the body can be an erogenous zone since we all have our likes and dislikes of where we want to be touched.  Here are some areas you may be neglecting with erotic potential:

·      Scalp

·      Feet and toes

·      Chest

·      Tailbone

·      Lower part of stomach

·      Fingers and fingertips

·      Arms

·      Thighs

·      Nape of neck

·      Ears and earlobes

·      Naval

·      Lips

·      Behind the knees

·      The upper back

·      Shoulders

Discovering erogenous zones on your partner

If you’re not sure how to find your or your partners erogenous zones, there is a technique you can try with your partner to discover where they are at.  Often used in sexual therapy, the technique is called sensate focusSensate focus was developed by the sex research team William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, who pioneered understanding of human sexual response and diagnosing and treating sexual disorders. 

To practice sensate focus, both partners sit with one partner’s back against the other’s chest while sitting between their legs.  The partner in the back explores the body of the person in front searching for areas that are highly erotic.  The partners then switch and repeat with the other partner.

Some of the most highly sensitized and erotic areas of the female body are the clitoris and nipples.  Male erogenous zones include the frenulum, the small elastic band of tissue located where the glans or the head of the penis meet the shaft on the underside of the penis.  Another area to explore and that is very sensitive on men is the ridge of tissue that extends from the perineum to the midline of the scrotum. 

What makes some areas more erogenous than others?

Parts of the body that have a high number of nerve endings tend to be more highly aroused causing sexual excitement than other areas.  When men and women become sexually aroused, blood flows to the genitals making them very sensitive when touched.  Places such as our forearm or head, even though may be erogenous zones for some, have fewer nerve endings and may not bring about the same sort of sensation. 

Only by exploring and touching one another will you find and discover erogenous zones unique to your partner and yourself increasing sexual desire and deepening intimacy between couples.