What Do Pheromones Have To Do With Your Sexual Health?


What Do Pheromones Have To Do With Your Sexual Health?

Don't get pheromones mixed up with what hormones do. Pheromones are something that humans also have and are secreted by the body, but their effect takes place outside of the body. They have the ability to create a behavior in another person. Whereas hormones only affect the person that is creating them.

Pheromones can be broken down into categories such as...

·       Modulator

·       Signaler

·       Primer

·       Releaser

Pheromones are much better understood in insects where they serve a variety of purposes and it is suspected that they do much the same in humans such as ....

·       Act As An Alarm

·       Create The Ability To Seek Out Food

·       Sexual Enticement

·       Give Direction To Other Females In The Insect World When It Comes To Laying Eggs In Other Places

·       Respect Of Region

·       Bonding Between Child And Mother

·       To Retreat

To further understand pheromones in humans some studies are being conducted. One was done with mice focusing on how the male pheromones in the mice are used to entice sexual behavior in the female mice. Mice are considered to be close counterparts to humans in some respects therefore are sometimes the ideal subjects for studies that have not reached a point where they can be conducted using humans.

What this study managed to do was give some better insight as to how pheromones may play a role in driving the sexual behavior. While this is just one finding there are many more studies that will need to be conducted to determine conclusive findings.

There are tons of products already being sold on the market touting the enhancement of pheromones for stimulating better sex. Yet, so far there is not enough research that has been conducted to support the claims that are being made.

Pheromone really never came into the scientific vocabulary until 1959. This is when it was discovered that the female silk moths could emit a aphrodisiac that was so powerful that it could be effective over long distances for the attracting of a male.

It comes down to pheromones and their relationship to odors. The human body is capable of emitting odors which is readily seen from that which comes from the armpits. What started to create some interest in pheromones is when a group of women are living together in close quarters often end up with their menstrual cycles being in sync. Added to this it has been shown that if a small amount of sweat is taken from either gender and put on the upper lip of a female it is able to modify her cycle time. Still there has not been nearly enough studies done to verify this or the determine the concept behind it.

Mostly the interest when it comes to sex and the impact that pheromones may have on it comes down to scent. This is what the manufacturers of sexually arousing products focus on and have capitalized on the term pheromones to support their product.

Perfume for many is sometimes considered to be a sexual enticement again going back to its ability to effect the pheromones in the opposite sex. However, there may be negative aspects to this as well, depending on a variety of circumstances. Until more is learned about how pheromones can play a role in sexual health there are still plenty of things that can be done to enhance the sex life between a couple.