“The Government Killed My Business,” Protester Calls Out Government Over Devastating Lockdowns

The coronavirus situation is clearly taking its toll not just on the United States, but on the rest of the world as well.

While hundreds of millions of people cower in fear over a virus with a 99% survival rate, business owners everywhere are being forced to shutter their operations, while frustrations between citizens and governments are boiling over.

In London, the ‘Stop the New Normal’ protest held on Saturday gave locals the chance to vent their frustrations on the streets, and the message was loud and clear: lockdowns are not the answer to beating the virus, and have instead economically crippled millions of people.

As one demonstrator at a protest of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government in London put it, “Yeah, thanks for killing my business and making me lose everything I have.”

The woman, whose video plea can be seen here, said that she “100 percent” blames the government for her businesses failing, saying that she used to sell cruise packages, an industry that is failing now due to coronavirus restrictions.

She also has a beauty business, but is unable to work the way she used to in the past.

“With the beauty, even though I am now allowed to return to work, under strict conditions, but nobody really goes out anymore. Not many people are going on holiday, so my client base is non-existent basically,” the protester explained.

Further explaining that she doesn’t believe the lockdowns are necessary, she added that she has no fear of the virus.

“There’s herd immunity, I have an immune system, I have no fear of this virus. I’m not saying there isn’t a virus out there, but I’m saying I don’t fear it.

She believes that the alleged “cure” is worse than the disease in this case.

“It’s killing the economy, it’s killing people, stopping people being able to visit people in hospitals, in care homes, it’s damaging every aspect of life,” she added, also saying that governments want to control the population using the virus as a cover.

“They want to control everyone, these are just the first steps now, mask everybody, then it’s going to be the vaccine, you won’t be able to travel without it. It’s just all control.”

During the lockdown, the British economy contracted more than at any time in recorded history, falling by 19.8 percent over a three-month period.

“It is clear that the U.K. is in the largest recession on record. The latest estimates show that the U.K. economy is now 21.8% smaller than it was at the end of 2019, highlighting the unprecedented size of this contraction,” the Office for National Statistics said in September according to the article from Breitbart.

The recession could only get worse in the coming months according to James Smith, Research director of the Resolution Foundation.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the fourth quarter was a contraction on the quarter, so there’s definitely a risk you end up in a double-dip recession.”


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