When Menopause and Manopause Clash


When Menopause and Manopause Clash

There are some that say that there is no such thing as manopauseyet there is a medical name known for its as andropause. No matter what it has been labelled there are changes that do take place with men as they age and they are something that need to be recognized and dealt with.

Often what can happen is that the time line for a couple that are close in age means that the women is going through menopause while at the same time the man is embarking on a bout of manopause. The end result is a clash of emotions, and quite often this can be the underlying factor of why a seemingly happy couple that have been married for years are now headed for divorce.

It's All About Hormones

The last time most women and men gave much thought to hormones was perhaps when they were in their teens and going through puberty. Although, for those women who experienced pregnancy they were well aware of the hormone changes.

Now with these changes of life that are taking place in the couple at the same time they are both experiencing their own issues which are both physical and mental in nature.

The Effects of Menopause on Women

During this time of the woman's life she is experiencing many changes in her body that she is well aware of. Her appearance may be beginning to change. Aging of the skin is becoming apparent. Weight gain may be harder to handle, and physically she just doesn't seem to have the energy anymore. On a emotional level she may find herself not having a passion for sex anymore. Her patience runs thin and things that used to be pleasurable no longer are.

The Effects of Manopause on Men

Some of the symptoms that the woman is experiencing with her menopause may be very similar for the man. His muscle mass is being affected so his appearance is being affected. His strength is not quite like it used to be and clear thinking may now be an issue. One of the most important and disturbing symptoms may be erectile dysfunction. This can be confusing because the man may not be aware that its andropause that is causing this, and may be worried that something physical is wrong, or that his woman is no longer appealing to him.

The Impact on the Relationship

Unfortunately it is quite common for both the man and women to keep silent about what they are experiencing. Yet, they notice these adverse changes in each other. They both tend to start blaming the other for what they are going through. For the woman who is having trouble with her moods she may be blaming it on the man not being sensitive enough to her feelings.

For the man who is dealing with the erectile dysfunction he may be thinking that the woman is not doing her part in being sexy and provocative.

The Solution

The solution for the symptoms that each gender is dealing with is to work closely with their health care providers, as there are some things that can be done medically for some of the symptoms.

The other course of action is to educate oneself as to what is taking place at this time of their life. This helps to relieve much of the fear and concerns about the symptoms.

Then the third course of action and just as important is communication between the man and woman. Talking about what each one is feeling will go a long way in building understanding and patience, and as a couple it will make it much easier to go through this transition of life.