Episode 1: Coffee Health Benefits, Lenox Hill Hospital CEO, Best Health Mobile Apps

Dr. David Samadi launches his new radio show: World Health News. The show is going to touch on all aspects of healthcare not just everyday health tips. Dr. Samadi will evaluate the latest in health and healthcare worldwide. He will bring the business of medicine and medical politics to the surface along with the best health mobile apps and other technology affecting the industry. He speaks about the benefits of coffee for decrease of heart disease and multiple sclerosis coming out of a new study from Korea. He also speaks to Dr. David Langer, Chief of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on his new office visit mobile app for all neurosurgery patients. Dr. Samadi also speaks with the CEO of Lenox Hill Hospital and highlights why hospitals come together and are acquired. What are the benefits to patients and more. 

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